Saturday, January 29, 2011

Twitter Talk (More Beauty Questions)

Here is a quick Q&A that I got from MissGlamorazzi's YouTube Vlog Channel! I love sharing knowledge, so here is my answers! :)

Celebrity Crush: Aside from the obvious Sidney Crosby, I really like guys who are funny and smart. I like Bill Maher (if only he were 20 years younger), Gerard Butler, Paolo Nutini, Jack White and Andrew VanWyngarden. If JFK Jr. were alive today, I'd definitely be into him.

Favorite Milky Nude/Pink Gloss: I try to avoid milky or nude lipglosses because it washes my fair skin out. But I do LOVE pink gloss. I have too many to name. "Slice of Heaven" from Beauty Rush (Victoria's Secret) is one of my many go-to shades.

What is one quality you like most about yourself: Physically- my red hair. I used to resent it as a child but all the adults were right! I did grow up to appreciate it. It makes me unique. Emotionally- I'm pretty intuitive and have never had a problem with knowing what I want or formulating opinions on things. I guess that's an around about way of saying I know myself very well.

Did you ever have braces: No. I didn't need them when I was little but now I do. My teeth are too big for my mouth. They are crowded and a little crooked. Some days I want to get them fixed and other times I feel like my not-so perfect teeth give me character.

What is your favorite drugstore product: CoverGirl's Liquid Powder Makeup (3-in-1 Foundation, Concealer, Powder). I love it's texture and have been using it since grade school. I'm sure there are bettter products out there but this one has worked well enough (and for so long) that I'd feel really sad to quit using it.

When did you become so interested in makeup and what advice do you have for girls who are looking to expand their small collections: I've been drawn to makeup since I was in grade school. I would always ask to get the big makeup sets at the drug stores or places like K-Mart, lol. I didn't start actually wearing makeup to school until about 7th grade but I practiced applying it at home for years. YouTube and the internet wasn't really around back then, so what tips I got were from fashion/beauty magazines or on televsion. My mom isn't a big cosmetics person so she never taught me how to apply it. I've always been pretty artistic so I enjoyed experimenting. I'm a girlie girl through and through. My advice to younger girls who are building their collections is to use the internet to their advantage! Research products before you buy them so you know what will likely be a good buy & save you the disappointment and money of a regretful purchase. You don't need a vanity full of make-up! Stick to what works for you and if you want to experiment with color, invest in a large pallette from a company like Coastal Scents- it's relatively affordable for what you get! If you put a quality primer/base on your lids, just about any eyeshadow from any company will be instantly improved. But I still believe in quality over quantity!

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