Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty Tag: This or That

blush or bronzer: Blush! I'm naturally fair-skinned so I have a difficult time "bronzing" without looking like I escaped from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. My favorite blush is Shimmer Pink Pool by Lancome.

lip gloss or lipstick: I love lipstick but I rarely wear it without a gloss over top. Gloss is much easier and I can throw it on without fussing. So, I guess that forces me to pick lipgloss.

eye liner or mascara: Eyeliner is like a close friend but Mascara is your boyfriend. Friendship is lots of fun but nothing suits the face better than the look of love. Make sense? Yeah, I didn't think so. You can always create the look of liner with eyeshadow. Mascara!

foundation or concealer: I have used a 3-in-1 forumla (foundation, concealer, powder) from CoverGirl (Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup) since grade school. It's my best friend and so cheap! In addition to that, I also use MAC's Studio Fix which also works as a concealer for my fair skin. I hate feeling like I'm wearing a mask, so I avoid pure, liquid foundation. I definitely need concealer bc I suffer from breakouts and redness around the nose. I am looking into choosing a tinted moisturizer and finding a stronger concealer. I'm still relatively young (I avoid the sun and don't smoke), so I try to keep my coverage as light as possible. So, my answer is concealer. Now, I confused myself.

neutral or color eye shadow: Neutral! The vast majority of the time, I'm wearing golds, peaches, browns, taupes, bronzes, etc. The most color you'll see me wear is purple. It's seldom that I branch out with color. I have such fair skin that I can easily look like a drag queen.

pressed or loose eye shadow: Pressed! I find loose eyeshadow to be extremely messy. It leaves fallout and it takes more time to apply. I'm not a fan at all.

brushes or sponges: Brushes for eyes & cheeks, sponges for foundation/powder. I don't use either for lips.

OPI or china glaze: OPI! I love the colors, quality, packaging, names. I only have a couple China Glaze polishes and they cracked really quickly. I don't like the name of the brand either.

Long or short: Short. It looks elegant- not to mention my nails never stay long.

Acrylic or natural: Au-natural. I generally don't have the time, patience or money to get my nails done professionally. I prefer to be "real".

Brights or darks: I like bright toes but dark hands (or neutrals).

Flower or no flower: None! I think it looks a bit tacky and childish.

perfume or body splash: Perfume! Chance by Chanel has been my "signature scent" since high school ('03-'04) but I have a growing collection.

lotion or body butter: Lotion. I don't own any body butter. I like Vaseline, Olay and good old Cocoa Butter.

body wash or soap: Body wash when I have it but soap doesn't bother me. I really love the smell and feel of Neutrogena's Rainbath.

lush or other bath company: I'm not familiar with Lush. I used to like Bath & Body Works until it changed its packaging. Victoria's Secret works for me.

jeans or sweat pants: I wish I actually put effort into my appearance but unless I'm going "out" or somewhere important, I stick to sweats. So comfy! You'd never look at me and think I knew a thing about beauty or fashion. Don't judge a book by its cover, haha.

stripes or plaid: As a child of the 90s and a Catholic school girl for 13 years (K-12), I'm a fan of plaid!

flip flops or sandals: Flip Flops! I have distorted feet- "Haglund's Deformity". Sadly, this isn't a joke. I live for flip-flop season. They are the only shoes that don't give me blisters.

scarves or hats: I love both but if I had to choose one, I'd go with hats.

studs or dangly earrings: I have tons of chandelier earrings but they aren't really in style any more. They aren't really wearable for every day and do tug at your lobes. Studs are understated and more my personality.

necklaces or bracelets: I don't really like necklaces bc I have a large chest. They get in the way. I also hate the feeling of having something around my neck. I have a few statement pieces that are the perfect length but 95% of the time I don't wear necklaces. I love the look of a bare neck. Bracelets can be pretty but they get in the way too much. I'm very simple in my jewelry. I usually just wear a ring and a pair of stud earrings.

heels or flats: I'm usually wearing flats because they are comfortable but when I go "out" it's stilletos all the way.

cowboy boots or riding boots: Riding boots! So chic and sophisticated.

forever 21 or charlotte russe: Forever21- One of my favorite stores!

abercrombie or Hollister: Abercrombie bc they make decent sweats but I don't shop at either store. That California surfer style turns me off. It screams "high schooler" or "frat guy from the suburbs" to me.

saks 5th or nordstrom: For me, Nordstrom is at the mall in the suburbs about 10 minutes north and Saks is downtown. I'm a city girl but I can afford more at Nordstrom. So, Nordstrom.

curly or straight: My hair is naturally wavy/straight. I don't really style it. I blow dry it, throw my fingers through it and go. I let the color do the talking. It's so thick and usually pretty long. I don't have the patience or skills to style it. I also don't really like the way I look when my hair is too styled. I like the look of natural, bouncing locks.

bun or ponytail: I throw it up in a twisty little bun and clip it when I'm around the house or tie it back in a pony tail if I'm going to be in public, lol.

bobby pins or butterfly clips: Clips. My hair is so thick, I'd need too many bobby pins to secure it properly.

hair spray or gel: I don't wear hair spray often but if I put my hair in a sleek pony tail, I'll use it.

long or short: I've always had long hair. My hair is a huge part of my identity. I don't think I'll have short hair for a very long time.

light or dark: I'm a natural redhead. I have bright hair? lol. It has golden strands mixed with reds, coppers, browns... even a few white strands (I've had them since I was little).

side sweep bangs or full bangs: Neither flatters my face shape but side swept bangs can sometimes look all right on me.

Rain or shine: I love the rain! It doesn't bother me unless I'm driving or have outdoor plans.

Summer or winter: Winter- Christmas, hockey, football, my birthday, St. Patrick's Day, fresh air, NO HEAT!

Fall or spring: Fall is my favorite time of the year!!! Spring is usually nice in Pittsburgh as well but nothing tops Autumn leaves, Halloween, football season, etc.!

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate for chocolates lol

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