Friday, January 21, 2011

Water Fast Update: Day 5

I'm unfortunately going to stop my water fast this morning. I felt really sick and ended up throwing up a little while ago (TMI but it's true). I was only planning to stick it out until tomorrow so this makes me proud of my first cleanse! I will definitely try out several more this year. I'd like to complete a week but random 3 day fasts conducted incrementally until June should definitely speed up my weight loss. I fasted for over 100 hours and I'm very happy with my will power!

If it weren't for the side effects (headaches, muscle aches, blackouts, nausea, vomitting, bad breath, chest pains, breathing difficulties, etc.) I'd definitely keep going. It's not the eating or food cravings that stopped me. This makes me feel positive about my regular diet and exericse plan and confident in my abilities to stick to my goals in all aspects of my life! People who are capable of fasting for weeks and months at a time truly amaze me! I don't think that long of a fast is what my body needs- regular diet and exercise is the remedy but small fasts will surely benefit my plans!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am not weighing myself but I can definitely see that my stomach is flatter and my face is slimmer. I can always tell and feel when my body is becoming thinner. I feel this fast truly benefitted me and while not everyone agrees or even understands fasting, I am happy with it. My guess is that I lost between 7-10 lbs. I'm sure this isn't permanent but with a regular diet and exercise plan, a couple may stay off. The point was to get the motivation to start eating less and I think I succeeded.

I'll be sure to keep this blog updated with any future fasts that I plan to do. I'm thinking after the Super Bowl I may do a 2 or 3 day fast and definitely at the end of February and throughout Lent!


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