Monday, January 31, 2011


I am a hardcore Jeopardy! viewer. I play along every single day- never miss an episode! Tonight, one particular contestant stole America's heart and even trended on twitter. Now, a two-day champion, allow me to introduce you to Eureka Nutt, a paralegal from "the Valley" (LA, California). I wonder if "paralegal" is her cover. We all know what goes down in the Valley. She talks about becoming a star on Jeopardy! on her online video but we all know with a name like Eureka Nutt she already is one!

When something is of particular excitement, my friend Valerie and I always say "Yahtzee!" with an accompanied hand gesture. But I think "Eureka Nutt!" might start moving into the rotation of my most used catch phrases! Thank you, Jeopardy- and Eureka, I'm sure you've dealt with this your entire life. Congratulations on ending up on the small screen- but not as a porn star or anything.

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