Wednesday, January 30, 2013


"Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy... or they become legend."
-Jim Harrison

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I'm Back! A Quick Note :)

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you may have noticed an extended absence from me this month; so much for new year's resolutions of upping my posts! My computer broke back in November/December. Because I was busy with work and the holidays, I was in no rush to get a new one. Under these circumstances, I was using my sister's computer to blog. Unfortunately, in a freak "accident" her screen broke while I was using it. I hesitate to call it an accident because I truly didn't drop it, spill anything on the keyboard, etc. I lightly adjusted the monitor (it was a laptop) and the display screen somehow cracked. Yep. Nice way to start the new year when you love computers and use it to write with, blog with, etc. I managed to "break" two computers in the less than 6 weeks.

Luckily, my parents were really nice and got my sister a new computer (it wasn't worth the cost of repairs- ughhh controlled obsolescence, I despise you). Since it was after the holidays, I didn't have a spare couple thousand dollars around to buy two new computers (or one for that matter). But I finally have a new one for myself! The Geek Squad somehow managed to screw up my order, so I'm still missing all my files including cherished photos and documents (which has me a nervous wreck because I'm a writer and have manuscripts and a ton of pictures) but apparently that will get resolved soon. I now have an external hard drive, so hopefully I'll learn to regularly "back things up." I feel like Carrie Bradshaw when her computer broke in Sex and The City.

I missed the start of award season (as well as this year's Jeopardy! contestant online test), so I'll be sure to post my favorite gowns from things like The Golden Globes and SAG Awards when I get a minute this weekend. My 27th is on Friday and I'm a bit apprehensive about turning another year older. I was sadly reminded this week that not everyone is granted a long life here on Earth and I should feel fortunate to be celebrating another birthday but I can't deny my true feelings. I have a lot of mixed emotions about entering my "late 20s."

I happen to live in an area that has next to zero cell reception (I live in the city- grrr!) so my aging BlackBerry has been quite useless this month (getting an iPhone next month! I still have to back-up 5 years worth of pictures and videos first). I've missed my connection to the world (especially listening to any and all music at the click of a button). I'm off to create my monthly playlist for February! One good thing about this new computer is its speakers are much clearer.

In place of my computer, I turned to television this month. I may start writing recaps from shows like The Bachelor. The comedic material is priceless. My adorable friend Gary is in the final running to be on The Bachelorette this spring!

For those of you who continued to check my blog for new updates, thanks for staying with me! You weren't "catfished" (although I kinda was once- another post).



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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Few of My Resolutions For 2013

Yes, I'm one of those optimistic people who makes a laundry list of resolutions each year. Some attempts are more successful than others but I do try. Because my birthday is exactly one month after New Year's Day, I definitely feel like it's an opportunity for a fresh start. I like to use January as a warm up to the actual start of my new year which technically starts for me on my birthday, February 1. That's the way I've always liked to look at it. Some of the things I'm working on for my 27th year in 2013...

  • Write more- books, screenplays, blogs, articles, personal journals...
  • Regularly use my elliptical machine and go to the park when it's nice
  • Be more social and strengthen my friendships and relationships
  • Maintain my skincare routine 
  • Dress up more often
  • Get a new car
  • Enjoy the people and things I love
  • Organize- donate/sell/throw out what I no longer need
  • Redecorate my room/closet/den
  • Travel whenever possible
  • Make memories
  • Kiss someone I really like (don't laugh)
  • Take pictures (finally get an iPhone)
  • Continue to study Tarot and Astrology
  • Continue to learn new things
  • Read more books
  • Focus on my career

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