Friday, January 14, 2011


(Please forgive the quality of these pictures. My digital camera and cell phone are both not working properly. I captured these on my webcam.)

As stated in a previous post, I have acquired an addiction to nail polish. I was in the mood to add to my Essie collection, so I searched the net for suggestions. A few things factor into my selection process- color, quality, price, ratings, name of product. Essie is known for having a lot of beautiful pinks. I liked the name Lily Pond, so I ordered it. I expected it to be a pale to medium toned pink- a natural look that wouldn't wash my fair skin out. I was happy with the polish that showed up in the mail (I bought it on but it looked a bit different than I expected. It also looked familiar.

When I painted my nails, it turned out a bit brighter than I would have liked but Lily Pond still manages to compliment my extremely fair skin. I kept looking down at my nails and realized it looked really familiar. I went into my room and grabbed the box that houses my nail polish collection. Sure enough, I knew I had an exact dupe in Sinful Color's Beautiful Girl. Sinful Colors is one of my favorite brands for nails. It only runs $1.99 at the drugstore (Walgreen's, Rite Aide). Sometimes you can even get Sinful Colors for .99! Essie is much more expensive at $8 dollars (Ulta, Target).

Both polishes have a cream formulation. To get a perfectly opaque finish, Essie (notorious for its thin compositions) required 3 coats. Sinful Colors is much thicker and only called for 2 coats. The similarities between these two polishes are striking. I am so confident in calling Lily Pond (Essie) & Beautiful Girl (Sinful Colors) dupes that I could easily wear one on my right hand and the other on my left- I guarantee no one would ever be able to tell they were two different polishes. This is the best dupe I have ever seen from any type of makeup product!

Lily Pond (Essie), Beautiful Girl (Sinful Colors)

Lily Pond by Essie

Beautiful Girl by Sinful Colors

Left- Beautiful Girl by Sinful Colors, Right- Lily Pond by Essie

The webcam is picking up the colors a bit differently. Both are prettier in person and are close to being exact matches. If you were planning on purchasing Lily Pond by Essie, save yourself the money! :)

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