Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water Fast Update: Day 3

I'm very proud to report that I have stuck to my water fast! Yesterday (Day 2), it was very tempting to quit. I went to a bridesmaid get together for my friend's wedding. There was plenty of my favorite snacks in front of my face and the wine was flowing! I'm pretty positive this was the first time in my life that I turned down wine. But I stuck to my plan and only drank water.

My acai supplements came in the mail today! I did take one this afternoon and will take another in a couple hours (I am awake at really odd hours so this is relatable to someone's breakfast and lunch). I have plans to go out Saturday night, so I may give up the fast that morning. I would be satisfied with 5 days! My next fast I will definitely go for 6 or 7 days!

As far as cravings go, my sense of smell seems heightened. At the moment, we don't have too many of my favorite foods at the house, so temptations have been limited. I felt a bit tired today but nothing too extreme. I am experiencing some slight muscle aches but again, nothing terrible. I'm thinking the accai supplements will help me with my energy levels. My stomach is growling but I actually enjoy the feeling of being hungry when I'm trying to lose weight. It's like getting an alert from your body that what you're doing is working. I feel lighter and my skin looks better!

I refuse to weigh myself when I'm dieting- atleast not until a month or so into it. I can notice the difference in the way I feel, how my clothes fit and what the mirror tells me. It's not about a number on the scale. My weight is constantly fluctuating and I think weighing-in everyday would only be detrimental to my longterm success. I don't want to get discouraged and give up! I'll be sure to post again on Friday and/or Saturday to share how I'm feeling! :)

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