Friday, January 7, 2011

Nail Polish Addiction


Over the past year, I have developed an addiction- to nail polish. I wasn't always a nail person. In fact, during college I remember running out the door and thinking to myself I probably should have painted my nails. I would grab one of the five or so polishes I had in my "collection", do a quick swipe of color and let them air dry as I sprinted out the door to my usual watering hole. By the time I went for my first bathroom break, I would look down at my nails and notice they were chipped, dented or smudged. It didn't even faze me. Recalling on those lost years of nail care, I can only laugh at my indiscretions.
Over The Taupe

The reason I got into nail polish in 2010 was because I didn't have my healthiest year. I wasn't always in the mood to buy clothing but I still had the desire to shop. I focused instead on buying more beauty products than I needed, including tons of nail polishes. I bought some because I loved the color (Cuckoo For This Color), some because the name was too cute to pass up (Dating A Royal), and others because the shade matched my sports' teams (No Room For the Blues- Pens' throwback color).
Dating A Royal

I have the tendency to bite my nails from time to time. They are also somewhat brittle. As soon as they get some sort of length, they split or start to get in my way. I've accepted this fact. But the least I can do is paint them, right? A beautiful shade of polish can brighten your day, add an extra touch to an outfit and ofcourse make your nails look better.
No Room For the Blues

My collection has grown from a handful of polishes to well over 100 bottles. My favorite brands are OPI, Essie, Revlon and Sinful Colors but I have a random bottle or two from more companies than I care to name. Because OPI has such a quality product that many girls love, I thought I'd share my growing collection on my blog!
Ski Teal We Drop

I'm hoping to launch my YouTube channel in a month or two in the beauty community. There will definitely be a video featuring my entire collection. But until I have a camera and I'm a bit more "camera ready", I thought this post would be the next best thing! Enjoy :)
Italian Love Affair

Shorts Story

Manicurist of Seville

Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

An Affair in Red Square

Lincoln Park After Dark

Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Cuckoo For This Color

You Don't Know Jacques Suede

Suzi Skis In the Pyranees Suede


Tutti Frutti Tonga

Rumple's Wiggin'

Lunch at the Delhi

Chopsticking to My Story

While I have more than enough polishes, I want my OPI collection to grow to about 50. OPI is always coming out with new shades that match what's in style and who can resist their names? I suppose there is worse things I could be addicted to, right? I'm finding a lot on but if anyone knows where I can find OPI for less than $5 WITHOUT S&H, I'd appreciate it! I know ULTA has them on sale from time-to-time but I'm always looking for instant gratification :)

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