Saturday, July 2, 2011

Katarina July Roman

I'm not sure what it is but cats always seem to find their way to me. Growing up, there was quite a few cats who would follow me home. In college, I took care of an abandoned cat (Audrey Hepburn) who ended up birthing a litter of six kittens while I was home for the summer. I came back to discover the babies living in a wooded area across from my apartment complex. I was fortunate to find them all a home together on a farm in West Virginia.

Last night, I was outside watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona on my computer, gazing at the stars and lightning bugs and listening to the crickets... when I heard a familiar sound. I thought it might be a kitten, so I followed the meows in the distance. Sure enough, there was a little baby across the street from my house (we live across from a funeral home). She was lost, scared and hungry. Instead of chasing her, I sat down on the steps and let her come to me. This quickly established some trust. After a few minutes of introductions, I headed back to my house and she followed. My family has a cat, Sasha, that we found a couple years ago (an interesting story there as well, but that's another post), so my Dad and I gave the new kitten some of her milk and cat food. In no time at all, "Katarina July" as I started to call her, was relaxed and snuggled on my lap, purring the night away.

When it came time to go back inside, I was so torn. I have a dog and cat that can be territorial, so I didn't want to risk any trouble. I decided to keep Kat on our porch with some blankets and hope for the best. She cried all night long to come inside but in the morning, she was still there. I'd love to keep her but I think I'm going to try and find her a home at my sister's or maybe my neighbor's.

Since so many cats have walked into my life, I've read a lot about their mysticism. While many people aren't into cats, I think they are usually quite astonishing and so cute.

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