Thursday, July 28, 2011

100 Random Things About Yours Truly

I saw a really interesting '100 Random Things About Me' list on a blog that I stumbled upon. Here's my version:

1. I was born on a Saturday afternoon (4:01 pm EST)... Ready to get the party started! Saturdays are my favorite day. I think I deliberately chose this entrance time.

2. When I was little, I was scared of pinecones. Yes, pinecones. I'm fine now (decorate with 'em at Christmas even) but I used to be terrified. I didn't understand their purpose and thought they were alive. Very random, huh?!

3. I'm the only redhead in my entire family.

4. I was a Catholic school girl from K-12. Plaid skirts. Polos & oxford shirts. Knee socks. It's amazing I can put an outfit together as an adult. I didn't really have a full wardrobe until I went to college but I always loved fashion.

5. I've read Vogue & other fashion magazines since I was in elementary school.

6. In eighth grade, I was voted most likely to be a lawyer, model or fashion designer.

7. My senior superlative in high school was "Most School Spirit". I was a cheerleader for over 10 years. I loved it.

8. I love music but didn't go to my first real concert until high school- Matchbox Twenty. "You Won't Be Mine" was a favorite song.

9. I used to do 1,000 crunches every night before sleep. I should probably try that again.

10. I had a small rock collection when I was younger. I ofcourse cherished Amethyst the most (my birthstone).

11. The first CD I ever bought was Janet Jackson's Janet, 1993. I still play some of those songs. I loved my Walkman!

12. My first kiss was on the playground in pre-school (Justin) but my first REAL kiss didn't come 'til my 13th birthday party. It was a very random boy that a family friend's son brought. Never saw him again.

13. I had a huge crush on Devon Sawa (Little Giants, Casper, Now and Then). When I read his tweets, I feel like I'm 9-years-old again.

14. I really liked to draw when I was in grade school.

15. I wrote a random "poem" called "A Pittsburgh Girl" about five years ago. I threw it it together in under 10 minutes, sent it to 3 of my friend's facebook walls and it has since been posted all over the internet. No one believes that I wrote it.

16. TV shows that I've seen every episode of: The Office, Full House, Mama's Family, Saved by the Bell, Mad Men, Daria, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sex and the City, The Golden Girls...

17. I'm 5'4". Once in a blue moon, I wish I were a bit taller but for the most part, I like my height.

18. I'm left-handed. Only person in my family.

19. If it weren't for glasses or contacts, I would be considered legally blind. I can't see anything without my corrective lenses.

20. I briefly thought about going to Northwestern, Syracuse, Notre Dame or Missouri (Columbia) for journalism school, but in the end, I only applied to West Virginia University. My dream college!

21. My kindergarden teacher, Mrs. G, always named each of her classes. My class of '92 was called "The Peace Doves".

22. English/Language Arts was one of my favorite subjects. I loved to do book reports.

23. I'm a pretty good speller.

24. I love trivia. I watch Jeopardy! all the time and love pub trivia night at a place called Brillobox.

25. I love make-up! I have more than I could ever need but getting ready, listening to music and doing my make-up is sometimes more fun than being out.

26. I have over 200 bottles of nail polish. I almost always do my own. I can't grasp how people spend so much of their lives and money inside a nail salon.

27. I can't get a tan. I've embraced my fair skin. SPF 100+, please!

28. I love shih-tzus! My dog Ireland is my second that is mine but third in general (family).

29. I love houses. When I was younger, I would ask my older cousin to drive me to other neighborhoods so I could admire the different styles of architecture. I like to imagine the type of people who live there and what their decor might look like.

30. I'm into the shabby chic look. French cottage. Very feminine and romantic.

31. Everyone in my family has beautiful handwriting. In grade school, I taught the other kids writing techniques. My Mom and Dad eerily have the same handwriting.

32. I shared a bedroom with my older sister until my dad remodeled our house when I was about 11ish. Funny memories.

33. My Dad is a Vietnam veteran who stepped on a landmine and lost part of his leg. He's still the strongest man I know and can do more than most guys half his age. I admire his work ethic, pride and strength.

34. I'm a quadruple Aquarian (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter). I love astrology!

35. I love all things new age- tarot cards, palmistry, psychics, telepathy. You name it.

36. I'm a night owl. If I didn't have to work "normal people" hours, I'd be up 'til sunrise. I think I might be a vampire. I get all my creativity at night.

37. I used to listen to classical music when I had a big exam to study for. It helps with memorization.

38. Bubblebaths. Candlelit bubblebaths. I took them a few times a week instead of showers when I was in college. I would listen to Coast to Coast AM or classical music and unwind.

39. I love to dance. It's so much fun and the best workout!

40. I'm very liberal. I would never expect anyone to share my beliefs but I have pretty strong opinions.

41. I'm quick-witted. Don't try to talk down to me. Ever. I will stick up for myself.

42. I'm a girlie girl. I love pink, teddy bears, romance, children, animals, fashion...

43. I love sports- football (Steelers!), hockey (Penguins!), basketball (Mountaineers!)... and yeah, the Pirates. Yeahhh. I think golf can be fun as well... just not to watch.

44. One summer, I read over 50 books. These days, I'm happy to get through one or two per month.

45. I love online shopping- Gilt Groupe, Haute Look, ebay, Amazon, Shopbop...

46.  I have a thing for designer handbags. I'm not into blatant displays of logos but I love leather! I have more than I need but still want more!

47.  Right after "Genie In a Bottle" came out, I ran into Christina Aguilera in the fitting room of our Macy's. She signed an autograph for me as "The Genie" and told me she liked my hair. haha.

48. I've kissed a few different "celebrities" (insert Saved by the Bell "Whoooooo" track). Musicians love me. It's the hair. I won't embarrass myself or the victims by sharing any names.

49. I'm almost a vegetarian. Aside from the occasional piece of pepperoni, bacon or chicken, I don't eat meat. It's not some grand statement, either. The thought of it has always disgusted me. I don't mind that other people eat it but dead animals... no thanks.

50. I LOVE beer. I'm drinking one now, actually.

51. Speaking of alcoholic beverages, I also love champagne and wine.

52. Whoever said high school is the best time of your life never went to college. And they sure as hell didn't go to WVU <3

53. I am a pretty good baker. I'm going to eventually teach myself to be a better cook.

54. The Steelers won one of their Super Bowls on my birthday. My parents gave me a gorgeous diamond and pearl ring that year (2009). I call it my Super Bowl ring :)

55. I love quotes.

56. I love movies.

57. I love museums.

58. Despite living in a city, I both live and work in cell phone "dead zones". Barely any reception. Very frustrating. I've grown to not really like cell phones. They take away from living in the moment. It's sad when you're out and everyone is looking down at their devices.

59. I've always been into the paranormal.

60. I love Halloween. Things I've dressed up as over the years: Poison Ivy from Batman, Queen of Hearts (The Red Queen), Dominatrix, Biker Girl, Mime, Mermaid, Dinosaur, Mother Nature, Sailor Girl (Political Costume), Porcelain Doll...

61. I prefer to spend time with people one-on-one.

62. I love getting mail... writing letters, cards. I have a pen-pal.

63. I find humor in just about everything.

64. My best friend is my sister. My other closest friends I've had for decades. I like to have a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances.

65. I'm a great listener. Many people think they are but I'm told this by all my friends. I actually care.

66. I love the internet! It's hard to imagine the way things were before. But I'm glad that I had a regular childhood. I didn't really get hard core into the internet until middle school and high school. Even then, it's nothing like it is today.

67. I love stargazing. I'm fascinated by the universe. I pay close attention to the moon cycle. "Keep looking up!"

68. I love thrift stores. They are pretty much the only types of stores my parents shop at.

69. I cry very easily.

70. I'm empathetic. If I'm around negative energy or hear a terrible story, I will experience others' emotions. It can be very draining.

71. I love to write. My dream is to be an author.

72. I like to drive by myself but if other people are in the car, I get tense.

73. I get a headache if there's no music on the radio inside a car.

74. I like to play Scrabble!

75. I'm a planner. I like to know what I'm doing in advance. If you rush me, I'd rather not go at all.

76. I have an INFJ personality type (Myers Briggs)... the rarest, ofcourse (1% of the population).

77. I've been single since 2004. One of the reasons I have time to post blogs like this.

78. I dream of traveling the world. There are so many places and things I want to see.

79. I have a weird fascination with decorative boxes. I love them.

80. I'm constantly googling things. I have a thirst for knowledge. People have told me that I'm a walking wikipedia.

81. In the fall of '04, I wrote an email to request that WVU be added to facebook's network (at the time, it was extremely exclusive). We were on the next day.

82. I give compliments out left and right... ALWAYS genuine but I can see how someone might think I'm just being nice. I usually see the good in everyone.

83. I love drinking cold beer around a warm bonfire with friends... good conversation. The best.

84. I'm afraid of bees and tractor trailers.

85. I carry pen and paper with me everywhere. I'm always writing down thoughts, ideas, songs, inspiration. I make lots of lists.

86. I love cemeteries. They are so peaceful. I enjoy reading the older epitaphs.

87. I'm really good at remembering people's birthdays. I still remember birthdays of people I knew in second grade but haven't seen since.

88. I failed my drivers license road test 3 times before passing but have yet to receive a ticket or get in an accident (knock on wood). I blame it on the fact that I'm a girl and drove a sports car.

89. I'm sarcastic. If I like you, I will definitely make fun of you. If I don't like you, I might make fun of you.

90. I'm very open but still manage to be hard to read? I like to think I surprise people.

91. I like to read about conspiracy theories and other cryptic topics.

92. By nature, I'm curious. It's one of the reasons I wanted to be a journalist. At a distance, people fascinate me.

93. I know right away if I like someone or something. Almost instantly. I'm very decisive.

94. I love children and get along really well with them.

95. Going to concerts is one of my favorite things in the world. The smaller, the better.

96. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I'm a yinzer.

97. I've been single for so long that I don't mind it but sometimes I'm afraid that I'll never meet my soul mate. I want to find true love but you can't look for it. It has to find you <3

98. I read lyrics as if it's modern day poetry.

99. I make a wish at 11:11, on the first star I see, fountains, petals...

100. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one...

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  1. How awesome! Those are really interesting! Love it! (: I may do this too if I have time.
    <3 Lizzy
    *Don't forget to check out my post 'Quick Question'. (:

  2. Thanks, girl! I don't expect everyone to read these things but I think it's really good for instrospection. I consider my blog a journal. Will do :)


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