Saturday, July 16, 2011

The First Thing That Comes To Mind...

When you pause to think about it, the way our minds are wired is pretty fascinating. I love reading people's answers to "the first thing that comes to mind". It reveals a lot about what's in our subconscious. Sometimes my own answers surprise me. Here's a quick one that I found online. My answers are pretty standard for the most part:

Banana: Yellow

Lace: Bra

Silk: Pillow

Leather: Whip

Sweat: Sweater

Water: Fiji

Nature: Greenery

Internet: Sharing

Alcohol: Buzz

Clubs: 21-years-old

Bars: Fun times

Snow: Snowmaggeddon- Miike Snow
***Love this video!

Toys: Toys 'R Us

Feather: Pen

Vacuum: Sweeper

Pot: Green

Sports: Steelers

Jewels: Diamond

Library: Books

Beaches: Umbrella

Rain: Relaxation

Text Message: ;)

Jacuzzi: Kissing

Pillows: Softness

Restraints: Neck/Smothering

Pink: Hearts/Love

Hips/Man curve: Mmmmm

Undies: No

Black: Night sky

Roses: Antique

Boat: Docks/River

Raincoat: Burberry Trench

Eyesight Impairment: Glasses

Soft: Holding hands

Camping: Bonfire

Vacation: Plane

Stripclub: New Orleans

Cars: Lexus SC 430

Red: Lips

Black Light: Glow in the dark

Glitter: Mints (Glitterati)

Candles: Romance

Champagne: College

Strawberries: WV Wine and Jazz Festival

Cherry Stem: Tongue

Lips: Lick/Bite

KY: Jelly or the state? lol

Heat: Steam

Kids: Love

Now Playing: "I Go to the Barn Because I Like the" by Band of Horses

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