Monday, July 11, 2011

Album Review: In The Mountain In The Cloud by Portugal. The Man

I've been a fan of Portugal. The Man for two years. I've seen them live twice and feel they are one of the most talented bands out there. I've been anxiously awaiting their new album, In The Mountain In The Cloud for the past few months.

I was beyond excited to find out via twitter that the album is streaming in its entirety a week before its official release! I love that bands are doing this nowadays. It makes so much sense. I've already heard the snippets and knew this album was going to be something I'd appreciate. There are few artists that I am compelled to support financially but P. TM is one of the select groups that I will see live time and time again. They have an uncanny ability to transport me into a magical state of bliss. I will definitely be purchasing In The Mountain In the Cloud when it comes out next week; on repeat status. Everything about Portugal. The Man's music makes me happy. On top of it all is singer, John Gourley; painfully good-looking, smart and uber talented. My heart skips a beat. Yes, please!

The entire album is genius but my initial favorite tracks are as follows:

"Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)"
Reminds me of Led Zeppelin but better. Gorgeous.

"Head Is A Flame (Cool With It)"
I'm cool with it ;) I just love the way this flows. The vocals are perfect.

"All Your Light (Times Like These)"
Such a sexy song with an interesting sound. In the best way possible, it reminds me a bit of The Black Keys (one of my other favorite bands).

"Sleep Forever"
I admit I almost cried (okay, maybe I did) when I first heard this song. I've felt like this many times in my life. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. If I had to listen to only one song forever, this would be a strong contender. The video is also breathtaking. If you haven't seen it, go now!

This is an album that I will certainly be listening to for years to come. If there is a mountain in the cloud where music like this is played, I want to live there. One of the best albums of the year! I can't wait to see Portugal. The Man the next time they come back to Pittsburgh. I highly recommend the experience!

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