Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Many Uses of Vodka!


Did you know that the old bottle of Vodka in your cabinet is good for more than just mixed drinks and martinis? Vodka is pure alcohol (duh) and can be used as a cleaning solvent and for a number of other things around the house. Instead of using a finer bottle, your best bet is to pick up a cheap brand from the liquor store and buy it in bulk. Vodka works wonders at cleaning everything from glass to clothing garments. Here is a list of how I non-traditionally use vodka:

1. Lens Cleaner
I'm legally blind, so I use vodka as an eyeglasses cleaner. It also works for sunglasses! Lens cleaner solution can get pretty expensive but vodka does the trick for a fraction of the cost!

2. Deodorant
Joan Rivers swears by this trick. She claims that if you put vodka under your arms, you'll never experience foul oder again. She also recommends dousing fancy garments that can't be cleaned in the washer/dryer with a potion of water and vodka. This is apparently an old theatre trick. Vodka also removes the smell of cigarettes from clothing.

3. Preventing Rust from Razors
The alcohol content in vodka makes it ideal for keeping razors in pristine condition. If you're looking to extend the shelf life of your favorite set of blades, soak them in vodka for a few minutes and allow to dry.

4. Slushy Ice Packs
I'm always amazed that vodka doesn't freeze. But if you mix it with a portion of water and throw it in the freezer, it creates the perfect concauction for when you need an ice pack.

5. Stainless Steel Cleaner
If you have stainless steel appliances or fixtures, vodka makes for an excellent cleaning solvent. It's safer than most of the products on the market that contain a variety of chemicals and it works just as well if not better at removing stains.

6. Removing Bandages
If you hate the feeling of ripping a bandage from your skin, douse the area with vodka prior to tugging. Vodka will disolve the adhesive on your bandage, thus making the removal pain free.

7. Removing Bumper Stickers
As mentioned in the tip above, vodka disolves glue and other forms of adhesive. If you have a bumper sticker that doesn't want to come off your car or a label that's on one of your things, vodka will do the trick at removing things smoothly.

8. Relieving Foot Odor
If your toes and feet are less than fresh, try soaking them in a tub of vodka. This promises to relieve some of the stench.

9. Jewelry Cleaner
Engagement ring looking a bit dull? Your favorite earrings not catching the light like they used to? Allow me to introduce you to a jewelry cleaner that won't break the bank. Let your gems soak in vodka for a few minutes or douse an old toothbrush in the solution to hand scrub your pieces- voila! Good as new.

10. As An Astringent
Vodka can be used to tighten pores by applying after you cleanse your skin. I have very sensitive skin, so I skip this tip, but I've heard that it works great for some people!

There are many other remedies that I've read about online but these are just a few to consider! I hope you are able to use some of these tips to save money and avoid harsh, unwanted chemicals in your home :)

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