Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Tag!

The Questions!

1. Which is your favorite Valentine's Day treat? Sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries?

Chocolate covered strawberries (preferably with champagne)!

2. What was your favorite Valentine's Day memory?
In grade school, we always had parties. It was so much fun exchanging Valentines with classmates. I'd always save the sweetest card or biggest cupcake for the guy I liked. lol. In high school, I had a really nice Valentine's Day date with a guy I really liked but ofcourse he ended up breaking my heart. My best Valentine's are ahead of me :)

3. Twilight or Harry Potter Valentines?
Twilight. I'm definitely team Edward!

4. What celeb would you not mind having as your Valentine?
Sidney Crosby. He's been hurt. I'd love to nurse him back to health. lol!

5. Do you have a special someone to celebrate V-day with?
Nope! My birthday was just 2 weeks ago. I feel loved. I bought myself a few goodies and I'll spoil my dog, Ireland. I think I'm going to watch The Bachelor and have a wine night with my sister at her house.

6. Which restaurant would you prefer for a Valentine's date? Cheese Cake Factory or Ruby's?
I don't know what Ruby's is? The Cheesecake Factory is nice enough for me!

7. Red or Pink lips on Valentine's day?
I wear pink most of the time. So, I'd probably do red lips for a nice night out on Valentine's Day. I have a great red lipstick (Fire by Chanel) but I rarely wear it.

8. Dress or cute top to wear on a V-day date?

It depends where I was going but likely just a nice blouse. I got a really pretty floral one from Victoria's Secret. I think it'll be nice in the Spring but it would work well for Valentine's Day. It has a romantic, feminine feel to it.

9. Perfect date - dinner and movie or dinner and walk on the beach?
As much as I love movies, you don't get to talk much. I like the beach at night. So a stroll at midnight with the moon and stars sounds perfect. I live in Pittsburgh, so this would be quite a date to get to the beach. lol.

10. Hair up or hair down for V-day date?
Down! Guys love to run their hands through girls' hair- or pull it. Whichever.

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