Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Steelers!

Last night, my Steelers fell to the Green Bay Packers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV. It was an exciting game but it didn't end the way Steeler fans would have wanted. But I wasn't as heartbroken as you might imagine. I am a die hard Black & Gold girl but I was content with the result. I've cried when the Steelers lost many an AFC championship game but this loss felt easier. The Steelers were never supposed to make it to the big stage this year, but they did. I have been so spoiled as a Pittsburgh sports fan- especially during my 20s. I know the Steelers will be back to the Super Bowl and this shortcoming should gives us movtivation for next year.

One complaint I do have is with the host city of Dallas & FOX. They couldn't help that the weather sucked but they weren't prepared to deal with it. They sold 2,000 tickets to people who paid big bucks to be there- only to turn them away at the gates because the stadium could not accomodate them. WHO DOES THAT?! FOX's cameras are ridiculously bad, that stupid robot needs to go and how about trying to get a scoreboard graphic that's large enough to actually read? Oh, and try showing the FANS at the game rather than your republican agenda George Bush & company or lame celebrities. There were practically no close-up shots of fan reactions. It was an awful production.

If the Steelers had to lose, I'm glad it was to an organization like the Green Bay Packers. If the Steelers weren't in the game, I would have cheered for the Pack. Afterall, their head coach is a Pittsburgher! I think we played a tremendous second half but unfortunately gave the Packers 3 of their touchdowns from turnovers. I hope that there isn't a lockout in the NFL next season- I have plans to travel to the west coast for the first time for an away game! We will keeping knockin' on 7's door until the Lombardi trophy comes back to Pittsburgh! I'm proud to be a Steeler fan & I always will be! HERE WE GO!

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