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METALLICA MANIA: Best Dressed- 2011 Grammy's

Joan Crawford's No Wire Hangers Award


Metallic gowns were among the best at this year's Grammy Awards. I can't say enough about this look on Selena Gomez! The girl looks flawless! If I were 18, a size 2 and had thousands to spend on a prom gown, I'd find a way to get this dress. Selena rocked it better than the model did on the S/S 2011 ready-to-wear runway! In addition to her flawless physique, her hair and makeup are fresh and elegant. I want that lipstick/gloss! This was sexy yet age-appropriate and perfection for the Grammys. The champagne gold dress picked up as silver on some cameras but either way, it was amazing. I was so impressed. No one else came close to topping Selena. When I saw her in this, it was over for me. This will likely be one of my nominees for best dressed of the year! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Kim Kardashian in Kaufman Franco

As someone with curves, it can be difficult to find the right gown. I have large hips- I can relate. Kim said on the red carpet that she had to have the dress altered at the last minute because the gown wouldn't fit over her backside. While beaded gowns only accentuate the hips, Kim manages to look va-va-voom in this bronze number. I'm not sure why she keeps showing up to award shows but if she's going to be there, atleast the girl can dress for the occasion. She pulled off sexy without looking trashy. Nicely done.

Heidi Klum in Julien Macdonald

Heidi Klum manages to get invited to every award show. But she rarely disappoints on the red carpet. I love this gold gown on her. The hair, makeup and shoes I could do without but "the body" looks phenomenal. The back of this gown is absolutely stunning! It's somewhat edgy yet retains a romantic feel. I love that she wore this to the Grammys.

Leann Rimes in Reem Acra

The metallic trend continued as LeAnn Rimes strutted on to the red carpet with that guy she stole from some other woman. I don't care to know the details. But her dress looked fantastic. The hair & makeup- not so much. She still gets a best-dressed nod for staying on trend while standing out.

Side-by-side shots of my best-dressed list

Notable Mentions:
Lea Michele in Pucci- it amazes me when women can wear such a wide, deep neck but not show any clevage. For a woman with a wide-spaced chest, Lea Michele sure knows how to rock it. She used this cut at another awards show in the past and looked amazing. She knows what works for her. I loved this.

Julianne Hough in Malandrino- another person who probably got on the list from Ryan Seacrest (cough, Kim Kardashian) but atleast she brought her A-game to the red carpet. I thought she looked young and fresh in a beautiful print dress. She and Lea Michele both had a similar cut to their gowns.

Katy Perry's Grandmother- I caught a bit of Katy Perry's interview with E! on the red carpet. Her grandmother is an absolutely beautiful woman. I felt the need to express that she looked better than her granddaughter. That's all.

Cee-lo Green- Rocked the 'cock. I loved it. The muppets and his feathery peacock costume worked. My favorite performance of the night. He's uber talented & not even Gwyneth Paltrow could ruin it for me (liked her outfit, though).

...What The?!

Katy Perry in Frederick's of Hollywood- I've seen that dress before. Halloween 2006. A group of sorostitutes at WVU were dressed as Victoria's Secret angels. The wings- a flutter. The purple and neon green eyeshadow- caked. The cellophane skirt- held together with a safety pin. The bedazzled bra- check. The swing solo- I've seen that somewhere before as well. One too many times. Ridiculous. But I do think her skin and hair looked beautiful.

Ciara in Pucci- From the ribs up she looked like a beauty queen. But I don't care how rocking your body is- that slit was 6" too high and those shoes looked like they cost $9.99 at Payless. This was a near best-dressed but those few details ruined it for me. Most disappointing.

Lady Gaga- I admire what Gaga has done for performance art. I think a lot of people have been inspired to really kick up their live shows. I don't even mind her music. I actually like some of it. But she's not fooling me. I saw that random show on MTV. Stephanie isn't as crazy as she'd like you to think she is. She's an attention whore. True talent isn't so forced. Take it down about 15 notches and let the music do the talking.

Nicki Minaj- I really like her style of music but her style of dress should be saved for the stage. I get that she's sticking to her image but come on! It screams "I'm trying way too hard." I didn't realize that the trolls came out with a Flinstones' inspired line of dolls.

Rihanna in Jean Paul Gautier- I appreciate that RiRi wants to be a ginger. But we all can't pull it off. It's time for the Ronald McDonald hair to go. The dress- a disaster. She is such a beautiful girl. I expected so much more. But she's young and talented. There will be plenty more chances for her to get it right. The white tinsle and see-through gown needs to be saved for... I can't think of one place where this dress would be appropriate. Hmm... maybe a sophisticated "come as you are" soiree?

Looking forward to the Oscars and all the glamour that is to come!


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