Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday, my first BIRCHBOX arrived in the mail! It was for the month of February. I'm really pleased with the goodies that I scored. I haven't had the chance to use and review them yet, but I thought I'd atleast give a sneak peak. In case you are unfamiliar with the service, you pay $10 per month and BIRCHBOX sends you 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples. It's nice for people who like to try out high-end products without the risk. I like getting the little surprises in the mail. I'm a fan of beauty products in general but I also love miniature things. It's kind of perfect for me. I don't plan on doing this every month ($110 is a bit steep for my budget) but I will probably do 4 or 5. I'll probably order another BIRCHBOX for June (summer), September (fall), October (Halloween) and December (Christmas). But I'll be curious to see what's inside the BIRCHBOXes for the months I passed on. I love that the internet and YouTube can satisfy my curiosity. But on to the products that I got for February (my birthday/Valentine's Day box).

1. Befine, Night Cream. Full-size, $30

2. myfaceworks, Sheet Mask. Six Full-Sized masks, $55

3. NARS Face Illuminator, Full-size, $29

Pomega5, Daily Revitalizing Concentrate. Full-size, $48

5. (Birchbox Treat) sweetriot Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs

I'm really into skin care these days. I'm one of the few girls who doesn't own NARS orgasm blush/bronzer. I do like illuminators, so I couldn't be happier to try this out. If it works well with my skin, I may buy the full-sized product to mix with body moisturizer. It would be nice in the spring/summer for the face & shoulders. I'm excited to try the sweetriot chocolate! What girl doesn't love a little candy for Valentine's Day?

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