Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recently Purchased


It's been quite a while since I crafted a Recently Purchased post. I had to really pause and examine the things I've hunted and gathered over the past few months: booze, music, movies. And that's honestly about it. There wasn't much inspiration to share. I'm actually proud of myself for not hoarding collecting as much as usual. But alas, Christmas music is playing, catalogs and coupons have found its way into my life and before I know it, I'll be shopping 'til I drop all over again. Until that dark, fateful weekend in late November arrives, and the buying season officially kicks off, I'll pat myself on the back for having taken the less is more approach. It was cute while it lasted.

  • BUSINESS CARDS: I've studied Tarot for many years and have decided to finally make a go at doing it semi-professionally as a bit of a side gig. I'm in no way, shape or form ready to charge people for my services but ordering business cards is pushing me towards that goal. I've always heard that I would make an excellent psychologist/counselor. I feel that this form of intuitive introspection will really allow me to help people.
  • FAUX FUR VEST: I was a deer for Halloween. I figured I might as well incorporate a new piece of permanent wardrobe into my costume to justify the purchase. I've wanted an oversized faux fur vest for the past few seasons. I found a nice one that complements my hair very well and it was on sale. 
  • CHANEL HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHTER: I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything from the collection this year but this really illuminates the skin beautifully. I have quite a few Chanel highlighters in my stash; as expensive as they are, I must say it's not a terrible investment. They last forever. Who doesn't like a little glam in their beauty regimen?
  • OPI GOING MY WAY OR NORWAY?: My nail polish collection is embarrassing. I have more bottles than a salon but I just couldn't pass up the OPI fall collection. I'm wearing this one right now. Beautiful neutral. I'm going to attempt a strict polish policy in 2015. No more than 15 bottles allowed and for every bottle purchased, I have to get rid of one I already own. That might sound extremely easy to a sane person but I'm an addict.
  • NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL BY LENA DUNHAM: I've been a fan since seeing her movie Tiny Furniture a number of years ago. Brilliant young woman. Proud that my generation has her voice. She inspires me tremendously. Hilarious book. Highly recommend.

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*Love this song! Love his music!

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