Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flick Pick: The Chair Projects- Not Cool/Hollidaysburg

For those who are unfamiliar, The Chair is a television project on Starz that gave two upcoming, young directors the opportunity to create a debut feature film from the same source material. The results were two staggeringly different films. Had I watched these movies separately, without any prior knowledge of its origins, I would have never guessed they were related. Being both from Pittsburgh (the setting of the project) and an aspiring screenwriter, I found this series both informative and entertaining.

My only concern with The Chair was the voting process for the winning film. I think it was absolutely fantastic that the audience got to participate and select the best film. That being said, there's no way this project had a chance at delivering a fair winner.

From the perspective of Shane Dawson's Not Cool, we have someone who is widely well-known, arguably one of the most famous people on the internet. He's already successful in his own right. He didn't need this opportunity. Open voting involving Shane versus anyone is not going to be fair- no matter how strongly he may or may not have urged his young fan base to be honest. Current views on the Not Cool trailer: just over 3.5 million.

From the perspective of Anna Martemucci's Hollidaysburg, we have a person who is close friends with the executive producer of the show, Zachary Quinto. I'm not challenging the integrity of the people behind the scenes of The Chair, but hypothetically, had her film genuinely won and she was up against anyone other than Shane Dawson, people would be whispering. Current views on the Hollidaysburg trailer: just under 50 thousand.

While I believe Hollidaysburg was obviously the stronger of the two films, I doubt there will be a chance for it to truly shine. The director who deserved the $250,000 to hone her craft will be robbed of the victory. But all is not lost. The industry was no doubt watching. More people know her name. A great little movie was made. Martemucci should be proud of her work. As a female writer, she inspired me.

Not Cool


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