Monday, June 10, 2013

Music Monday: Portugal. The Man

I've already mentioned ad nauseam that Portugal. The Man is my favorite band. But when you really admire a particular artist, your expectations rise with each record that they release. It's been nearly two years since Portugal's last album, In the Mountain in the Cloud, found its way into my heart. I had high hopes for Evil Friends and maintained an open mind (knowing well and good that the guys are notorious for changing their sound). I liked every single Portugal. The Man song I've ever heard (all of them) until this year. Like many fans, upon first listen, I admittedly didn't love the title track of Evil Friends. That had never happened to me before with this group. It has since grown on me a bit but it's still nowhere near a favorite. I was worried that I might not like the rest of the record but I stayed optimistic and purchased the pre-sale package anyway (that art better be worth something someday).

I recently had the opportunity to chat via Google Hangouts with a few of the guys in Portugal- Noah, Zach and Kane. With all the backlash out there, I asked point blank what evil means to them. In a roundabout way, Zach mentioned the band's affinity for contrast and compared the title of the new record to that of The Satanic Satanist (a previous release and one of my all time favorites). Anyone who follows these musicians knows that they're extremely accessible and dare I say, sweet, to their fans. Don't get it twisted. Or do?

Was my video off the entire time? Nah. It couldn't have been.
Evil Friends turned out to be a really solid record. It's not my absolute favorite from Portugal. The Man but it does include a few tracks that are "best of" material. I can safely say that I'll be playing it out until the next one.

"Purple Yellow Red and Blue"

"Atomic Man"

"Plastic Soldiers"

"Modern Jesus"



Favorite Tracks: Smile, Modern Jesus, Plastic Soldiers, Waves.
Least Likely to Play: Hip Hop Kids, Someday Believers.

Portugal. The Man are from Portland (by way of Alaska). Evil Friends can be purchased here. They're currently on an extensive tour. I highly recommend checking them out when they come to an area near you. They're best live and slightly buzzed.


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