Thursday, June 13, 2013

25 Random Things... That Inspire Me

1. The night time. I've always been naturally nocturnal. I get all my energy and creativity after midnight. I'm the eternal night owl.
2. Music. Silence is deafening. I'm usually listening to something. Everything from classical to oldies to alternative rock to hip hop.
3. People watching. Creeping it real. I like to observe.
4. Movies/TV.
5. Art/Photography.
6. Pittsburgh. Home.
7. Books/Magazines/Literature.
8. The Internet.
9. Dreams. Daydreams. Thoughts (walks, the shower...).
10. Travel.
11. Disappointment/Heartache.
12. Astrology/Tarot/The Occult.
13. Thrift shops/Antiques/Objects with a past.
14. Houses/Cars/Clothes... Material things.
15. Animals.
17. Makeup/Beauty.
18. Family and friends.
19. Coast to Coast AM. Talk radio when it gets weird.
20. Love.
21. Nature/Weather/Seasons.
22. Holidays.
23. The Moon.
24. Memories/The Past.
25. The Future.

Now Playing: "Blinding" by Florence + The Machine


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