Sunday, March 24, 2013

Survey Says: Ideas

Where/When I get the best ideas: In the shower or on a walk by myself in the park.

The best idea I ever had: Facebook. I didn't call it Facebook but the idea was there. 1999-ish.

The worst idea I ever had: If you were to ask my bank account, probably my major in college but I'm good with my choice and so thrilled with where I went to school. There really wouldn't have been anything else I was more interested in studying.

An idea that others didn't understand: People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I occasionally do water fasts. I suppose it sounds pretty extreme (which it can be) but it's very beneficial when done properly.

An idea that someone stole from me: I wrote this frivolous little poem called "A Pittsburgh Girl." I only posted it on a few of my close friends Facebook walls back in '05. It then spread all around the world in e-mails, message boards, blogs, social media, etc. I obviously never got credit for it. I've seen it slightly rewritten so many times or with other people's names attached to it. I wrote it almost jokingly and in just a couple of minutes. Crazy that it became so popular. My friends don't even believe me when I tell them I wrote it and I'm an extremely honest person. My sister is the only one that knows it was me because she watched me write it.

An idea I had when I was little: I thought the world was literally black and white before color film was invented.

An idea I had today: This little survey. Of course, I was in the shower... thinking of all the previous ideas I've had and want to follow through with.

An idea I'll probably have tomorrow: The snooze button is always a good idea.

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