Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mercury Retrograde, I Hate You

There are few things in life that I find the word hate appropriate enough to describe; Mercury Retrograde is one of those things. For those who are unfamiliar with what it exactly means, in Astrology, the planet Mercury rules communication, travel, the mind, our thought processes... a lot of things. When it's in retrograde, life becomes quite prone to setbacks, delays, frustrations and other grievances. Many Astrologers advise people to not travel, sign contracts, start new projects or make any major purchases during this period. I can see why.

During this particular Mercury Retrograde I have personally experienced...

  • My car losing fuel faster than usual
  • Heavy traffic beyond normalcy, bad drivers everywhere
  • Road closures due to Mother Nature (landslide)
  • My Mom fractured her pelvis and was admitted into the hospital
  • A phone interview for work was majorly miscommunicated
  • Other work-related communication issues
  • Bad hair days
  • Slowness/Lethargy
  • Losing two full days of sleep
  • Not fully loving a song by my favorite band (never happened before but it's growing on me)
  • Forgetting about daylight savings time
  • Not finding anything special to gift a friend for her baby shower

& that's just the beginning. 

To the average person, this may sound completely frivolous but I stand by my beliefs. For anyone claiming that I could be suffering from some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, I didn't even realize that Mercury Retrograde was happening until I realized Mercury Retrograde must be happening. There was no app alert or e-mail notification. I can always tell.

In my natal chart, I have Mercury placed in my eighth house which happens to be in my sun sign of Aquarius. I definitely feel its power. When Mercury is backwards, so am I. 

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