Friday, December 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Christmas Presents!

My Very First Christmas, 1986.

Over the years, here are some of the gifts I was more than happy to find under my Christmas tree:

The Midge Wedding Party!
When I was little, I lived for Barbie dolls. Of course, as a fellow redhead, I was partial to Midge. When that plastic ginger tied the knot with her sexy groom and Mattel sold the wedding party as a set, I was beyond sold. Having the miniature flower girl and ring bearer dolls gave me endless hours of fun (I later made them the couple's children). FYI: Midge and her man drove away from the wedding in their brand new '91-ish Ferrari... I LOVED that Barbie car!

When I got bored with cruising my dolls around the living room, I took this little beauty around the block for a spin... My red Corvette Power Wheels!

And speaking of spinning, I'll never forget the day I was nearly kidnapped while I was playing with... my Skip-It!

And last but not least, what flashback Christmas gift list would be complete without an old school board game?!

Ladies and gentlemen... NIGHTMARE!!!

When I had sleepover parties with my girlfriends, we'd always break this game out around midnight. I'd pop the VHS tape into the VCR and we'd all play along. All I remember was the man on the tape was creepy, scary and a total jagoff. If I could find this disturbing board game, I would totally play it again but with a few adult beverages!

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