Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Q&A

Favorite Christmas Movies? A Christmas Story, Home Alone, The Family Stone, Christmas Vacation, Rankin Bass classics...

What color Christmas lights do you like best? Soft white

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? We have our party on Christmas Eve so I'll go with that. Christmas Day is usually uneventful after the presents are exchanged.

Is it better to give o receive? GIVE!!! I love shopping for others and get so excited to give them their presents. Now that I'm older, there really isn't anything I want that I can't get for myself during the rest of the year. I'm hard to buy for.

Favorite Christmas song of all time? I have a lot of favorites! "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt is always fun.

Favorite Christmas decorations? Obviously the tree, candles, lights, garland, anything Reindeer, ribbons & bows... I love it all!

Favorite Christmas color? Gold! I love all shades of gold for just about anything.

Choice Christmas animal? I don't think I've ever gotten this question, lol. Hmmm... Like I said above, I love the reindeer but other than that, penguins, doves, polar bears... all of them?

Christmas cocktail of choice: Maybe Gin & Ginger Ale? I'm usually a beer or wine girl but on Christmas Eve, we always have tons of Ginger Ale in the house.

Favorite Christmas cookie? Iced Sugar Cookies or Gingerbread Men

Favorite Christmas candy? Candy Canes

Do you have/like a White Christmas? I LOVE when we have a White Christmas! It just doesn't feel the same without snow on the ground. It makes it so much more magical :) I don't know how people can celebrate properly with hot, sunny weather.

Best Christmas gift you ever got? When we were little, My Dad made my sister and I a Victorian doll house. It was massive and took so many hours of craftsmanship. Hopefully, someday I can pass it on to my own daughter.

Best Christmas gift you ever gave? I'm a pretty good gift giver if I do say so myself (or so I've been told). Nothing in particular immediately comes to mind. The guy I end up with will have to receive that award. I usually like to put many gifts inside a reusable item like a purse or storage box and hide little things inside of pockets or other compartments. It makes it more fun.

Now Playing: "Winter Wonderland" by Bing Crosby

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