Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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I never used to be much of a candle person because my parents hammered the idea into my head that if I used one, something catastrophic would surely happen. I've gotten over my fear of the flame with an electronic little device known as a stick lighter. Truthfully, I've never actually used matches or a standard lighter in my life. Thank you to the inventer of the stick lighter for making my dream of candlelight a reality! I just love the atmosphere and warmth that a candle provides (the scents are an added bonus). I'm a sucker for good lighting and who doesn't look their best next to the glow of a beautiful candle?

I'm legally blind without corrective lenses. I always have on my contacts (I have the kind that's designed to sleep in for a month at a time). But for the past few days, I've given my eyes a rest and worn my glasses. Peripheral vision isn't always great but I feel better and look a bit smarter. Since I only wear my glasses a handful of days out of the year, I've had the same pair since the fall of '08 (Prada VPR 521. I purchased them at Lens Crafters). I really love the model that I picked out and always get compliments.

Perfume Samples.
This one is nothing new. I love fragrances and I also LOVE things that are miniature. I have a stash of perfume samples that I keep on my vanity tray inside an adorable little box. I have enough samples to add up to a full sized bottle but I just adore the little ones. They are perfect to put in your purse for touch ups or to travel with. While I love the notion of a signature fragrance, having a wide variety of samples to try out is also pretty great.

Online Shopping.
This is becoming a bit of a habit but there's so many great companies (HauteLook, Gilt, Beyond the Rack, Amazon, ebay, Etsie, Shopbop, ASOS, Zara, the list goes on and on). I love retail therapy and have a good eye for things I like and will work for me. I appreciate not having to hunt for things for hours, deal with snooty sales people or wait in long lines. It's also nice to have brands at my fingertips that aren't even sold in my area. Online shopping is kind of a dream come true for me.

YouTube Beauty Videos.
This is nothing new but lately I have been watching tons of videos. I have a good camera. One of these days, I'm going to start making videos for my own channel. I have learned so much from the beauty community and love "getting to know" people from all over the world. I'm just fascinated by so much of it all.

Watching so many YouTube videos on how people store their makeup collections and organize their closets has totally inspired me! 2012 will be my year of having everything neat and orderly. I'm obsessed with bamboo drawer organizers and have my eye on an adorable lipstick holder from The Container Store (another company that isn't even in my area but I learned about online).

Christmas is easily my favorite time of the year and my favorite holiday but this year, I'm extra excited for it. As you may have noticed, I already decorated my blog to get into the Christmas spirit. Normally, I would wait until after Thanksgiving but I'm just really giddy this year. I can't wait to throw up my favorite Christmas music for my December playlist! I'll also share my favorite movies and holiday memories. I've already bought a few gifts as well. Ho, ho, ho!

FIJI Water.
I've always loved water and drink plenty each day but Fiji water is by far the best I've ever had. I started drinking it in the spring and don't see myself switching brands any time soon. It's a bit of a splurge but it's worth it to me!

I'll be sharing a haul blog post in the coming days. I've always loved Chanel but I recently made a few purchases that I can't wait to share with you. I have a vintage bag that I bought with one of my first paychecks after graduating college but I dream of someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) purchasing a brand new purse. I'd love to have a black, jumbo 2.55 bag with gold hardware. I used to always think I'd get lambskin because it's so supple but caviar leather is much more practical for daily wear. But the price is far out of my reach. As a handbag aficionado, it's a motivator.

I recently became a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters and I'm really happy with my decision. I also just cleaned out my makeup collection and gave a ton of products to my mom and to the nursing home she works at. It feels great to get rid of things I no longer have a need for and it feels even better to know it's going to someone who will appreciate it. I'm also getting together clothes to donate to either Goodwill (one of my own favorite places to shop) or a women's shelter.

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