Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Somewhere Out There

As I was checking my twitter this morning, I came across a posting by one of my favorite radio programs, Coast to Coast AM. It linked to a London paper's coverage of a UFO sighting with an accompanying video. I wanted to share it with you. I don't know if this is real or fake but I can say with 100% certainty that I saw a very similar phenomena along the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border back in October 2007. I was at Rich's Fright Farm for a haunted house/hay ride. The farm is located outside of Morgantown, WV (where I went to college) in Smithfield, PA. It is a popular place to visit in the fall. It is in the country near the Allegheny Mountains. The sky was very dark and there were white orbs flying very high. The balls of light would come together then speed off in opposite directions, only to rejoin again. The discs seemed to hover for about 20 minutes before traveling outside of my eyesight. I was with my cousin at the time and I pointed out the "lights" to her. We both were amazed. I attempted to take pictures but it was very dark, the lights were too high up and my camera wasn't working properly. We both live in an area with heavy air traffic (North Side of Pittsburgh) but had never seen anything like this in our lives. We seemed to be the only people who noticed among hundreds (maybe thousands) who were at the "fright farm". I attributed this fact to people being distracted by chainsaws, music, carnival rides and their natural West Virginia way of thinking. The lights had nothing to do with the attraction by the way. The two things were completely unrelated (I asked). It was not a spotlight that you often see to promote a nightclub nor was it air traffic control signals that swirl in the sky. I did a lot of research and read that a lot of odd things have happened in this part of the country. I assumed that it could have been the military testing something... or maybe it wasn't from this world at all? I just know that it's a sight that I will never forget. Keep Looking Up...

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