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Yes, I am a closeted pageant fan; not the type that attends the kiddie circuit competitions on an idle Saturday afternoon but I do love the Miss Universe system. I have been watching the Miss USA pageant since I was a little girl. I always make my predictions (consider it the female equivalent of sports betting). I usually get between 11-13 out of the top 15 correct. A couple years back, I was one of the top 3 pageant predictors in the world through an online betting system. I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of beauty. It's completely vain and ridiculous but I enjoy it. This year's class of girls is beautiful. The competition is stiff and it was hard to choose just 15! There is easily 25-30 delegates who would make an excellent Miss USA.

There are some rumors that this year there will be a top 16, 8 and 4 rather than the traditional 15-10-5 format. I don't want to get confused so I'm sticking to the old method. The list at the end is "bubbles". These are states that I feel could easily snag a spot in the top 15 but I was on the fence for one reason or another. As mentioned before, the competition is so tight that it really will be interesting to see who the judges have selected. But without further adieu, here is my list in receiding order...


District of Columbia

All photos used courtesy of The Miss Universe Organization for intentions of promoting the pageant.

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  1. Got my picks...alphabetical order

    California - red hair will get her in but she's way too skinny! Top 5
    District of Columbia - Very wholesome looking...looks great in live show pics!
    Florida - bubble...has a very pretty five- head lol...I want her to smile! Looks bitchy in live show photos.
    Georgia - southern belle beauty
    Hawaii - unique look that is exotic
    Illinois - my personal pick to win it all!
    Indiana - another bubble...I like her dimple.
    Kentucky - top 5...another beautiful 5- head! Lol! She looks beyonceish.
    Louisiana - Another bubble...some pics she's breathtaking others not really.
    Maryland - I like her but her hair is very americaish. Bubble
    Michigan- girl next door...reminds me of a blonde Tanya!
    Missouri - Just a pretty girl
    New Jersey - Bubble
    New York - stunning!
    North Carolina - could win it all! Top 3!
    Ohio- I like her and I hope it's not just because her bangs set her apart from the other blondes.
    Pennsylvania - not many African Americans this year...she's got a real shot.
    Tennessee - top 3 potential winner!
    Utah- She looks GREATin her live show shots!
    Wisconsin - My final bubble...she looks airbrushed at times but I like something about her.

    No Texas this year! She's just okay for me...shocking!

  2. I gave too many bubbles...Florida is in. But she does haveva five head!

  3. The boards have been hyping California since she was crowned. She was 1RU at Miss Teen USA. I think she has one of the prettiest faces in the pageant. Texas is probably one of the sexiest girls along with Florida. The prelims really changed my perspective. DC is pretty but she was stiff on stage and a bit awkward. Michigan is gorgeous but she is a total bitch. I think her walk gives off the "I don't care" vibe. Her interview was horrible. That's what is keeping her off of my list.


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