Monday, February 10, 2014

Recently Purchased


1. Kate Spade, Things We Love.
I bought this book as a gift to myself for my birthday and I'm so happy that I did. It's a charming read and will make for a beautiful piece of coffee table/bookshelf decor for many years to come. Most of the things the brand lists in their book is something that I also love.

2. Kate Spade Decorative Candles. "Escape The Ordinary" & "Light Up The Room".
I got a fantastic deal on these adorable pieces. I haven't burned them yet because they're just too pretty! When the wax is done these will make beautiful containers for pens or other odds and ends. Love them!

3. Orofluido.
I got a sample of this in a beauty box and was instantly drawn to its luxurious packaging and warm vanilla scent. It leaves my hair feeling great so I decided to purchase the full size with a gift card.

4. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque.
The same thing happened with this product as the Orofluido. I received a sample in a beauty box and loved it. It hydrated my hair so wonderfully and left it feeling and smelling so rejuvenated. I don't like to spend a lot on hair care so I used a gift card on this as well.

5. Airline Ticket.
Booked my flight to Europe! I'm so looking forward to exploring new parts of the world and having a phenomenal time with the girls! England, Scotland, France, Netherlands & Belgium, here we come!

6. Too Faced Candy Rose Blush.
I bought this as a birthday/early Valentine's Day treat to myself. The packaging was just too cute to pass up. The product itself is also dynamite. Definitely recommend.

7. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.
My Mom got this for me for my birthday. The colors blend wonderfully and the palette is actually made from real chocolate so the scent is an extra bonus. I'm a sucker for creative packaging so I was really thrilled to get this into my collection. If Willy Wonka had a makeup line, this would be one of his best sellers.

8. Valentine's.
I love writing out little cards and making treat bags for my family, friends and coworkers. I miss the good old days when there was Valentine's Day parties at school. They were always so much fun. I'm perpetually single so I like to celebrate Valentine's Day as a chance to show my love for all of the people (and animals) in my life.

9. Stand-up Comedy Tickets. Chelsea Handler/Amy Schumer.
Two of my favorite comediennes! I'm so looking forward to reading Chelsea's new book and seeing her perform again (it's been a few years). Amy Schumer in March is also going to be a riot. I've never seen her live but from what I've previewed online, she's hilarious. It'll be a fun girl's night out for sure! Having drinks with friends and lots of laughter is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening!

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