Monday, July 8, 2013

Luxe Living: Annie Brahler's Dream Closet

I recently found a new television program that I love to watch. Resale Royalty airs on the Style Network. The show centers around a high-end designer resale store owned by a mother-daughter trio in St. Louis.

I grew up in a household with parents who had an eye for quality pieces but predominantly shopped at thrift stores. Because of this fact, I've always admired antiques and objects with a possible unknown history. I have no reservations about purchasing something pre-owned. When you discover something that you never even knew you wanted and truly let that item speak to you, it's all the more special. I delight in unique objects with a past, especially if those goodies are valuable treasures. Clothing and accessories (along with art, cars, houses, music and just about everything else in the world) simply aren't made like they once were. Unless you have the money to purchase from the top tier of luxury brands, thrifting is your best option.

On the pilot episode of Resale Royalty, the ladies from Women's Closet Exchange head to noted interior designer, Annie Brahler's stunning Victorian home in Jacksonville, Illinois, for a buy.

I thought Annie's home was spectacular (and also couldn't help but wonder who her sweater was by). Any visit that revolves around two of my favorite things- champagne and style, can't go wrong. In the end, the ladies from the resale shop offered Annie $15,000 for some wonderful pieces from her wardrobe including a handful of Louis Vuitton bags, an Hermes scarf, Diane von Furstenberg evening dress and Chanel earrings. Some lucky ladies in St. Louis certainly benefited from that closet purge!

If you're a Pinterest fanatic like me, Annie Brahler's closet may look familiar. A photo from a House Beautiful feature of her stunning custom dressing room went viral on the site.

Absolutely perfect!

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