Thursday, October 6, 2016

The INFJ TV Show Questionnaire

1. Your favorite TV show: Daria

2. A TV show that you started but never finished: The Tudors (I love JRM. Saving the series for a rainy day)

3. A TV show that you still haven't seen but want to: The Affair (well, I'm behind on Season 2)

4. A TV show that you hated: Ren and Stimpy (it never felt appropriate for kids)

5. A TV show that made you happy: Saved by the Bell

6. A TV show that made you sad/cry: Unsolved Mysteries (unsettled would be a better descriptor. Loved this program.)

7. A TV show that reminds you of someone: Beverly Hills, 90210 (my sister)

8. A TV show that reminds you of somewhere: Ghost Adventures

9. A TV show that you've seen every episode of multiple times: Full House

10. A TV show that made you think: Making a Murderer

11. A TV show that should be made into a movie: Sex and the City (again! I want another movie)

12. A TV show featuring your favorite actor/ensemble cast: The Golden Girls

13. A TV show featuring your favorite character: The Office (Michael Scott)

14. A TV show that is a guilty pleasure: Scream Queens

15. A TV show that no one would expect you to like: Counting On (The Duggar family fascinates me and they make for the most unintentionally funny viewing. If you watch as if it's a mockumentary, it makes it all the more hilarious).

16. A TV show that you can relate to: Pittsburgh Dad (it's not exactly a TV show but close enough)

17. A TV show from your favorite genre: Modern Family (comedy/mockumentary/family sitcom)

18. A TV show that you tell others to watch: Odd Mom Out

19. A TV show that you never miss an episode of: The Real Housewives of New York

20. A TV show that made you scared: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

21. A TV show from before you were born: The Brady Bunch

22. A TV show from your childhood: Under the Umbrella Tree

23. A TV show that you wish you were on: Who Do You Think You Are? or Legends of the Hidden Temple

24. A classic TV show: I Love Lucy

25. A TV show that makes you laugh: Mama's Family

26. Your favorite TV Mom & Dad (not necessarily a pair): Roseanne Conner, Roseanne; Tim Taylor, Home Improvement.

27. Your favorite TV show couple: Peg & Al Bundy, Married with Children

28. A children's TV show: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

29. A sports TV show: 24/7

30. A cooking TV show: Barefoot Contessa

31. A TV show that taught you something: Ancient Aliens

32. An animated/cartoon TV show: South Park

33. A TV show that you binge watched: House of Cards

34. The last TV show you started (and continued) to watch from the pilot episode: Grace and Frankie

35. A unique TV show: Stranger Things

36. A TV show that isn't really your type but you actually love: The Walking Dead

37. A reality TV show: The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

38. A TV game show: Jeopardy!

39. A TV news show: Real Time with Bill Maher 

40. An international TV show: The Inbetweeners

41. A TV show that always has a good soundtrack: Girls

42. A TV show that should get a reboot: The Little Rascals (it was originally a TV show long before the 1994 movie)

43. A TV show that you were disappointed to see get canceled: Wicked City

44. A TV show that you liked in the beginning but wore out its welcome: True Blood

45. A TV show that is overrated: Breaking Bad (I haven't given it a real chance, though)

46. A TV show that is underrated: Dawson's Creek

47. A TV show that you own on DVD: Summer Heights High (one of my all-time favorites)

48. A TV show that you wish was still regularly on TV: The Munsters

49. A TV show that you spent a significant era of your life watching: Mad Men

50. A TV show that made you want to travel to where it was set/filmed: Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea (Prince Edward Island)

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