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Queen of the Pumpkin Patch Fall Tag

What did you dress as for Halloween last year? I actually think that last year I didn't dress up. I just went to a haunted house and the bar on Halloween. It was a cold, rainy, nasty night. The year before that I was a deer because I love the makeup and wearing faux fur. 

What is your favorite Fall food? Candy. Any candy.

Do you have any Fall traditions? Every year I go away in the Fall for a Steelers away game. We're going to Miami this time. 

Do you have any Halloween traditions? Not really. Every year is a bit different. I just know that I always like to buy new decorations to add to my collection.

What music do you like to listen to during Fall? Here is my Fall Feels playlist to keep it literal. I tend to go for softer, slower, deeper music in the fall. Acoustic, alternative rock, Americana... with elements of dark, gothic undertones. Timber Timbre, Nick Cave, The Cure, Jeff Buckley, Mazzy Star, The National, Radiohead, Ray LaMontagne to name just a few...

Favorite spooky movie? Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie. But spooky? Maybe Let the Right One In

S’mores or pumpkin pie? S'mores

Hot chocolate or warm apple cider? Neither. I don't like warm beverages. I'll take a cold Oktoberfest beer, though. 

Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes? No way! I don't even drink regular coffee. Yuck.

What is your favorite day of the year? Christmas

What would your familiar be, if you had one? I do and she's a shih tzu and her name is Ireland Pearl. I also love cats. Someday I'm going to have a black kitty and name him Thackery Binx.

What is the story behind your URL? I came up with something that incorporated my name (Roman) and the most common font that was in use when I first started to use the internet in the 90s. I figured that blogs were the modern day newspapers so I visually laid out my site to mimic that look. The content is basically what's 'new' with 'Roman' (myself) in these current  

As a side note, before I bought this domain several years ago, I believe that it was owned by a Baltimore band. I still occasionally get visitors who are looking for their music. If you're one of them, check out some of my Spotify playlists. They're not on any of them but there's about a million other songs to listen to. 

What is the best thing about your town during Fall? The stunning foliage is incredible in this part of the country. I read that Pennsylvania has the longest season of anywhere in the world. Of course football in western PA is unrivaled. 

Do you step on crunchy leaves just to hear their crunchy awesomeness? Yes.

Do you like going to the pumpkin patch? Yep. It's fun to ride the tractor and choose a pumpkin shape that speaks to you.

Do you go hiking through the woods during Fall season? No but that sounds like it would be a good time. I love the Laurel Highlands.

Where do you buy your Fall candles? I'm not choosy. I think most candles are severely overpriced considering they don't last long. I try to repurpose the jars to get more value for my money spent. I have candles from the dollar and craft stores, some from independent labels, randoms from the discount stores, others from the typical mall spots and even a few fancy ones that I hate to burn. My collection ranges from The Family Dollar to Diptyque. 

Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns? No. It's too messy. But I love the look of them.

What is your favorite Fall color? Burnt orange.

Favorite tree? I'm not an expert but I did some research and it's looking like the Sugar Maple is predominant in western PA.

Corn maze or haunted maze? A haunted corn maze, of course. If I had to choose one or the other, I'd go with the haunted variety. 

Are you good at carving pumpkins? I don't have much experience so I'm going to say no.

Why did you start your Fall blog? My blog isn't focused primarily on Fall but I started it as an outlet for self-expression. I think it's extremely cool that I can share things with people all over the world. Even if no one ever reads my posts, it's therapeutic to write, create and inform.

Do you have a ‘main blog’? Link it! This is it. I also have a tumblr but I don't use it very often.

Spooky or sweet? I enjoy a mixture of both for different reasons. When it comes to Fall decor, I'm more traditional than I am spooky or sweet. I like the rustic glam look for Autumn.

Do you enjoy visiting graveyards? Yes. I love to read the headstones. If I ever get a good camera, I'd love to do a project on epitaphs.

What is your favorite Fall memory? There's so many. Dressing up for Halloween parties in grade school, cheering for football games in high school, homecoming dances, college parties, traveling to Salem and New Orleans for Halloween in my 20s. 

What was your best Fall ever? Fall 2004. My freshman year of college at WVU.

Gloves or mittens? Gloves.

Do you enjoy rain? Yes. I love it! As long as I don't have to drive in it.

If you could spend Fall anywhere, where would you choose? Pittsburgh has spectacular Falls. Other than home, I'd like to visit New England again. I've never been to Vermont or Maine.

What’s your dream Halloween outfit? I want to be Peg Bundy but I have to find an Al first, lol. I'd get the hair done to look exactly like her. My hair is tremendously thick so I know they could tease it properly to high heaven. 

Be honest…are you already stocking up for Fall? It's currently October and I have purchased quite a few new decorations for the season. 

Do you enjoy the other seasons? Yes. I like Winter for many reasons. I'm a night owl so I actually don't mind darker days. I enjoy the sports, holiday season, my birthday, Valentine's Day... Curling up by the fire and watching the snow fall is always nice. Spring is pretty because by then, I'm ready for sunlight, greenery, and fresh air. I also love thunderstorms and the temperate weather. Summer nights have a magical energy to them and people are always much more social. There's more things to do like concerts and festivals. One of the things I love about where I live is that we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons. I think nature is perfectly balanced when it's cyclical. I could never live in a climate that is always the same.

How do you plan to spend this Halloween? Despite living on a main road in the city, we get 0 trick-or-treaters. On Halloween itself, I'll probably go out to watch Monday Night Football. For the weekend leading up to Halloween, I'm not sure yet. Maybe a party, maybe the bar.

What is your favorite Fall candle scent? Diptiyque Feu de Bois (wood fire), Bath & Body Works Leaves and Marshmallow Fireside. Anything pumpkin. 

Do you enjoy Christmas? Yes, I love just about everything surrounding the Christmas season. 

What is your favorite store during Fall? Michael's. I'm all about that DIY. 

Do you enjoy cold weather? Yes. I prefer the cold over the heat. I hate to be hot.

What is your favorite Halloween candy? It's not exactly a Halloween candy but my fave is flavored Tootsie Rolls- the cherry ones, especially. 

What is one thing you would love to try during Fall, but haven’t yet? I'd love to go on a hot air balloon ride. I've also been wanting to visit Gettysburg and do a ghost tour. 

What do your friends and family think of your Fall obsession? I think most of the people in my life also love this time of the year. How could you not?

Be honest…are you already planning your Fall-themed wedding? Yes. And I'm single. My parents were married in October so I always wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Do you have Fall/Halloween boards on Pinterest. Link them! Of course! I have them grouped into one section. It can be found here.

The original tag from the Queen of the Pumpkin Patch can be found here.

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