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"Oink Oink", The Bachelor S20 E6 Recap

  Week 6 of The Bachelor picks up in the midst of where we were left hanging the last time around. Ben pulls Olivia away to chat privately. He asks to hear her side of the story regarding the other women not getting along with her. Olivia says that because she started off strong, always getting validation with things like the first impression and date roses, that the other women put a target on her back. She's absolutely right. People throw rocks at things that shine and our girl O was Twilighting hard at the beginning of the season. But this is where Olivia loses me; she claims that she is too different from the other women to forge a friendship. Olivia says that she wants to "talk smart things" but the other ditzes depth of intelligence is as shallow as a bottle of nail polish or can of hair spray. Olivia says that she's such a special snowflake and would rather read than paint her nails. That's strange because it was just a week ago that the camera crew captured O manicuring her digits. And NEWS FLASH to the news anchor, this just in, you can love to read and still be social. You can enjoy being a woman by doing such VAIN things as styling your hair and painting your nails while still appreciating a good piece of literature. The only thing that rivals my nail polish and makeup collection is my library. I don't want to hear that the two are mutually exclusive. I once had your job, Olivia, and now one of the things I do is makeup. So shut your O-Face.

 When Olivia returns to the group with her rose still in tow, the other women are in disbelief. Emily is infuriated and worries that she might be sent home for tattling on Olivia. O-Face's response, "Come at me bro- everyone can suck it."

 By the end of the rose ceremony, Jennifer is the unlucky lady that is sent back home to Florida. The group learns that they will be finally going overseas to Europe to The Bahamas! It's hurricane season but bachelor Ben promises "a lot of sun, a lot of beach, a lot of ocean."

 The calm before the storm. The first 1-on-1 date card arrives. Caila's name is noted as the recipient. "Let's see if our love is reel."

 Leah, who is practically the only woman left who has not received a solo date or any sort of validation from Ben, is enraged, confused and lost. "Speechless. I don't know why I'm here." This will be Caila's second private date with Ben. Things aren't looking good for the blonde event planner.

 Ben picks Caila up for their fishing date. Caila says that she's the luckiest girl in the world. I'm not feeling the arrogant air she's been exuding lately. There's still something I just don't trust about her. Ben says that the first 1-on-1 with Caila was a long time ago and the black guys crashing the majority of it has left some unfinished business. Never got around to the Hennessy and condoms, huh? 

 Back at the hotel, Leah knows that a 2-on-1 date is imminent. She won't put herself through the embarrassment. First, there was Lace, bowing out to fix her own neurosis and now, we have Leah, questioning her direction on the show. Those Denver girls sure do know to leave before they are left. Peyton Manning must have billboards warning these Colorado chicks to only stick around if they're promised a Super Bowl ring an engagement ring. "I look like a fool. I look like a total fool for putting myself through this," Leah says through tears. Leah reminds me of the type of person who went to a small school all of her life and was always the prettiest girl but got to college and realized that hot chicks are a dime a dozen and subsequently went crazy. Or maybe she had parents who stroked her ego one too many times. Big fish, small pond syndrome. "He told me I'm beautiful. I live 10 minutes from him. We could have met at a bar but the universe brought us together for this process."

  After a day spent frolicking on a boat in the ocean, it's time for Ben and Caila's date to get a bit deeper over dinner. This is where things get awko-taco.

 "So, you smile a lot," Ben says to Caila. I don't remember the last time someone said that to me. 2004? Resting bitch face is a very real thing and it's tragic to deal with when you're actually an upbeat person.

 Ben attempts to get Caila to reveal more of herself but the bipolar brunette coldly says that she feels put on the spot to be a certain way for him. But it gets better.

"I feel like I love you but don't know why I can't share. Maybe it's that I'm not ready. I feel like my greatest fear is that I can't totally, completely fall in love with somebody. Part of me is afraid because your greatest fear is being unlovable and my greatest fear might be breaking your heart."

 Ouch. This chick is icy. 

"It doesn't feel right. It feels like I'm going to hurt you." 

 It's strange to see a scenario in which the woman is the one delivering the truth without any sugarcoating. It's even weirder to hear it coming from the sugariest girl in the bunch. I have determined that Caila is a sour patch kid.

 Ben is confused and so is "Bachelor Nation." One second he thinks Caila might be going home and the next, he's asking her if she's ready for a commitment. Ben, she isn't ready. She just told you that she's going to break your heart.

 Little Miss Sunshine has a manic swing and quickly changes her tune. Thinking of the UsWeekly cover story deals, Caila tells Ben that she could be falling in love with him because he makes her feel "understood." Ben says that it's "almost attractive" that Caila can be so confusing. He is turned on that she's not simply a ditz with good hair who paints her nails. Ben thinks her con-artist ways are so very deep and sexy. Ben rewards Caila's instability with the date rose because of course he does. Ben thinks that this is the start of their relationship and one of the best dates he has ever had.

 The group date arrives. Lauren B., Becca, Amanda, Lauren H., JoJo and Leah will be joining Ben. Leah is on the verge of not going at all because she wasn't even granted an invite to the 2-on-1 date. But she decides to go in hopes that she will have a chance to discuss the situation with Ben. 

 As the group makes their way to a private island, adorable piggies of all shapes and sizes are spotted swimming freely in the ocean. It's a magical place called Exuma. I've somehow never heard of this mystical locale but it's enchanting. 

 Ben tells the girls they will be feeding the feral pigs hot dogs. Have no fear. It's not a cannibal-themed date. The hot dogs are allegedly composed of chicken. The pigs seem to feel differently because they pretty much go into attack mode toward the ladies. It's hysterical. 

  Lauren B. is given all of the attention. The other women still aren't used to the idea of dating the same man at one time. JoJo attempts to have a chat with Ben but a pig interrupts. 

 When Leah finally has a chance to confront Ben about him not giving her a 1-on-1 date, all he can think to ask her is if she likes pigs. "I like to eat pigs," she rudely quips. Get those squealers after her! Nothing much is resolved. Leah is later seen complaining with Lauren H. that Ben is an idiot for not giving her a chance.

 As the evening portion of the group date gets underway, Leah decides that if Ben won't give her the time of day, she's going to make sure that he isn't happy with anyone. She devises an evil plot to lie about front-runner, Lauren B. 

 Leah is an absolute idiot to think that she's going to stick around longer by trying to get Lauren B. out. Not a bright tactic. She should have went for the other Lauren or the twin whose still around. Start from the bottom. Leah says that when she watches Lauren B. and Ben together, she is disgusted because it should have been her that won over the bachelor's heart. This entitled little twat needs a major reality check. 

 When Leah has her alone time with Ben, this is what she uses to sway him toward herself. "There are women in the house who aren't being real with you and it hurts me." Leah never names Lauren B. specifically (that would be an obvious editing dub) but she says it in so many words- "the person that you have the strongest chemistry with." Duh.

 Ben says that he's "bothered" by Leah's words and isn't sure if they're legit or not. He says whether there is validity to the statement or not, it still plants the thought in his head. When Ben confronts Lauren B. about the accusation, she is at a loss for words. Because she feels that the statement was so falsely inaccurate, she doesn't know how to even respond. 

 In tears, Lauren B. mentions the topic to the other women. Leah tells a bold face lie and claims that she "would never be the type to single someone out by name." Did the event planner take a law class or something because those words are very specific. Liars and those who lie by technicality are the worst people in my book. Lies are where I draw the line. I can't stand Leah. 

 The date rose goes to Bahama Momma Amanda because Ben finds her so sweet. Is Amanda really that sweet? I haven't seen enough of her to know but when people have squeaky Minnie Mouse voices, it's easy to be deceived. 

 Later that evening (or the next one, who knows), sociopath Leah makes her way to Ben's private hotel suite to "surprise" him. He opens the door and feigns excitement but all of us see where this is heading- all of us besides Leah, that is. She says that she's not there to sabotage Ben's relationship with anyone else but she utilizes her time to talk about the only thing relevant for her to talk about- Lauren B. Out of Leah's insane level of jealousy, she attempts to destroy Ben's image of Lauren B. She fails miserably as Ben tells her that they have a "disconnect." Ben goes on to say that they're "missing it" and that he hasn't felt anything truly wonderful towards her since the first night. He promptly decides to break things off with Leah the liar and sends her home to Denver without him.

Bachelor Nation's response to Leah's tears.
 The 2-on-1 date arrives. "Two women one cup one rose, one stays one goes." Emily and Olivia, who are bitter arch rivals, will of course be pitted against each other. It's a windy, grey day and the ocean is dangerously choppy. But the boat has already been rented and the private island is set up and ready for the flyover shot of whichever unlucky lady will be left shedding tears alone. 

 Olivia is feeling confident. "I'm giddy! It's my first almost 1-on-1 with the man I know I'm going to marry." Emily, on the other hand, is "terrified" because Ben has given O-Face validation time and time again. 

 "Not wanting to waste any time," Ben asks Olivia to take a walk on the beach with him. She puts her heart on the line. "From the moment that I met you, I knew that it was right... and I'm in love with you." She plants a few kisses on Ben. 

 When the bachelor pulls Emily aside, the hurricane-force winds have blown every strand of blonde hair over her face. The couple shares a laugh as the storm's waves crash onto the rocks they sit on. Emily talks a mile per minute about wanting Ben in her life and wanting to grow as a person. Blah, blah, blah. 

 When Ben returns, he takes both the rose and O-Face on another stroll on the beach. Olivia is voiced saying that she "feels sorry for Emily." The twin says that Ben is making "the biggest mistake of his life." But there's a plot twist. Ben reveals to Olivia that while he appreciates her opening up and revealing her undying love for him, he can't reciprocate the same feelings. Olivia is saddened and doesn't know what went wrong. She's strong in front of Ben but loses it when she is left alone on the island. "I thought Ben wanted everything that I am but I guess not," she says through tears. It's a gripping shot with the waves crashing and O-Face standing still. But I admit that I feel cheated that Olivia was not sent home in "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever." What will my recaps ever be without any of Olivia's words of wisdom? I secretly loved Olivia and I will miss her tremendously. A moment of silence for O-Face's departure.

 Prior to the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison informs the women that Ben is exhausted and can not handle a cocktail party. His decision has been made. In the end, Midwestern Lauren H. is sent home. Finally, there is only one Lauren left! 

 The 6 remaining women who will continue on next week and have the chance for a hometown date despite Ben's admitted lack of excitement for what's happening: Caila, Amanda, JoJo, Becca, Emily and Lauren B.

 But before we get to all of that, the question still remains, who punched Leah in the face? It was heavily teased in the trailer for the season but now that both Leah and the most likely culprit, Olivia, have been sent home, when will this footage air? The women tell all- deleted scenes? Could Leah make a triumphant return? Like Ben, I'm "discouraged, -could this all be for nothing?" I sure as hell hope not. But if it takes a failed season of The Bachelor to have someone punch Leah in the face, then perhaps it will still hold meaning after all. 

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