Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recently Purchased


1. Guerlain Meteorites Pearls (Rose) and Brush.
I've really been getting into the notion of quality over quantity and trying to edit down my makeup collection. I love the weight of this product. It's beautifully packaged and so well made. I could easily repurpose it for trinket storage when I'm through with the makeup or even hold onto it as a keepsake to be passed on. Guerlain is the best of the best.

2. The xx Concert Tickets at Stage AE.
I haven't seen them since Bonnaroo a few summers ago. I'm so excited! They're one of my favorite groups. Such beautiful music. They've become quite popular but if you haven't heard of them, check out "Intro", Crystalised", "Islands" or "Together."

3. MUJI Acrylic 5-Drawer Organizer.
I purchased one of these a couple years ago and really like it for storing my lip glosses. I don't really have the counter space for another one at the moment but I know around the holidays they tend to go out of stock and are slow with delivery. I bought an additional unit because my eyeliner collection has grown substantially. I want to be able to see every piece that I own. I highly recommend the MUJI drawers. They are sturdy, smooth and overall fantastic. If I ever have more space, I might invest in The Clear Cube for storing a great deal of my entire makeup collection but for now, these things are lightweight and efficient.

4. Steelers/Patriots Game Tickets.
I'm so excited to go to Boston for the first time! Per usual, Halloween weekend should be quite memorable. I look forward to our annual Steeler away trip all year long. This one will also be a blast. I haven't decided what I'm going to be yet or if I'm even going to dress up in a costume at all but I'm thrilled to finally see Salem and other parts of New England.

5. The September Issue. Vogue.
Well, technically I have a subscription so I didn't buy this at the newsstand. But every year for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed a glass of wine (or a few) and reading this. I have a collection of September issues that I'm always looking to build upon. This year, one of my favorite actresses is on the cover, Jennifer Lawrence. I adore her real life sense of humor and loved her in Silver Linings Playbook.

6. A Blank Canvas.
As mentioned above, I've been trying to scale down a number of things in my life. One that has gotten desperately out of control is my nail polish collection. I had amassed nearly 500 bottles. I told myself I would never let it go above that number so I've donated many bottles, given some to friends and family and put others away to sell. When I get my collection whittled down to where I'm comfortable with it, I plan on painting a swatch mural. One of the reasons I love polish so much is because they remind me of miniature works of beauty. Art in a bottle. I'm very open-minded (as you'd have to be to acquire so many different colors) and love to look at all of the different shades, textures and shapes.

7. Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 Night Emulsion.
I've really been appreciating Japanese beauty products. Their quality and packaging are among the best in the world. They pay such close attention to detail. I wish I could go to one of their drug stores or spend time inside their shops. I actually got a Japanese Maybelline Hello Kitty mascara on eBay because I found it so precious. Americans can be so square when it comes to presentation. I really like Shiseido's skincare line. I still have their Future Solution cream on my wish list but for the time being, I'm trying out their Wrinkle Resist 24 range of products.

8. Urban Decay Glitter Liners.
As much as I love makeup (eyeliner in particular), I've only owned one or two glitter liners. I tried out Urban Decay's Spandex and fell in love. I picked up that along with Mullet, Midnight Cowboy and Stagedive. This is stunning for the evening!

Now Playing: "Junk of the Heart" by The Kooks
*Wish they'd come back to Pittsburgh. Luke Pritchard stole my heart.

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