Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pinterest Monthly: May 2013

I came across this stunning structure and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it's located just outside of Pittsburgh. I'll do a full post soon dedicated to this property.

Playoff beards are happening & I like it. To say I have a type is quite the understatement.

This needs to be mandatory on all flights. Everywhere. Human rights, people.

The Great Gatsby. I LOVED it! Instantly one of my favorite movies ever. This section of the movie was particularly beautiful. Fantastic editing and music selection. Want to see it again and again.

A metallic horse. Called an Akhal-Teke. Native to Turkmenistan (wherrrre?!). 

Greece. So damn beautiful.

Vintage Chanel jewelry made from buttons. I want to start making & selling my own. Love this idea of repurposing.

Sealing Wax for envelopes and other materials. Love this. Convinced that it reminds me of a past life- back when I lived inside a palace ;)

Milk Glass. Local vintage finds. Affordable luxury.

This denim Valentino cosmetic case/clutch. Precious.
Donald J. Pliner Nuri sandal. These are too cute for summer.

I've been using this expression far too often (albeit in a jokingly condescending manner). No need to let trivial things in life get to you, friends.

Now Reading. Jen Kirkman is hilarious. Interesting perspective. Refreshing point of view. I feel like I'm in the minority for not wanting children anytime in the near future. Love kids but want to take it easy for another decade or so.

Clarins Summer 2013 Lippies. I'm a bit biased because I work for the brand but these things are so innovative and absolutely adorable.

Art Installation. Chain link fence with acrylic squares.

My hometown (Pittsburgh) at sunrise. She's a beauty.

Source: PJ Gelmi "The Ghost of the Past S)"

Lusting after a summer house in The Hamptons. No big deal.

Those floors. That ceiling. I could really become a great cook with a kitchen like this.

Love this shot. Fresh florals & summer ensemble.

This Zara bag. Got it in orange (pictured) and blue. I'm sure I'll be able to fit nothing inside. I hope I don't bust it. So cute. Modern and unique.

Whenever you want to punch a wall, run away or cry... laugh.

(Give it a few seconds to play). This video. That song.

Now Playing: Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man
*I love almost every second of it. Early favorites: "Plastic Soldiers", "Modern Jesus" and "Smile" but that list is revolving with each listen.

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