Friday, February 1, 2013


Since today is my 27th birthday, I thought I'd share 27 random things about me :)

  • I'm intensely attracted to the color scheme of ivory/white with gold/champagne.
  • Hoarders: I own over 350 bottles of nail polish. I finally have a shelf that can display most of it.
  • I'm good with words. My SAT verbal score was more than twice that of the math section. My current high score on BlackBerry Word Mole is 10,588 but I remember on my old phone it was closer to 20,000. 
  • I'm currently listening to "Went Away" by The Maccabees (it's on my new playlist).
  • I'm going to see Silver Linings Playbook this evening. It looks pretty good. I'm excited.
  • I don't have any tattoos but I may get a small white ink design this fall.
  • I didn't go to my first concert until I was a junior in high school (Matchbox Twenty in Morgantown, WV) but I worked for my college radio station (I was a broadcasting major) and accidentally fell in love with alternative music, festivals, shows... I would deliver the news each hour and overhear what the DJ was playing. We got to check out any CDs we wanted and I quickly found a new hobby. The internet was still growing in popularity and at that point, I had no idea there was so much underground music or how much better it was than most of mainstream.
  • I do most of my shopping online; partly because I really love getting things in the mail! I try to forget what I ordered so it's like opening up a present when the package arrives :)
  • I DVR Jeopardy! I'm usually pretty good.
  • I write everything down! I don't like to use my cell phone for reminders. I have an old school planner that I usually have with me (unless my purse is too small for it). I also take notes, journal, write down lyrics of songs I hear, jot down ideas, thoughts...
  • I really want to go to the art museum this month. It's been too long and I'm feeling inspired.
  • I've been following the Jodi Arias trial. As I was reading the victim, Travis Alexander's blog last night, I had a really interesting idea for a screenplay about reincarnation.
  • I tell my shih-tzu, Ireland, I love her at least 30 times a day. Probably closer to 50. 
  • I think Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms (Pittsburgh what what!) and Alexa from Jerseylicious are two of the funniest people on television.
  • I'm really happy that hockey is back but I secretly wish the season was always this short. It's easier to follow and truly support when there aren't so many games!
  • I love makeup. I have a lot- most of which never gets touched but I think it's an art. I don't even wear it all the time. But getting ready and listening to music is one of my favorite things! It makes me happy :)
  • Lately, it feels like my house has been haunted- not haunted, but visited. The cold spots in our dining room and living room are so pronounced. It doesn't scare me but it fascinates me.
  • I love to travel. I'm not a jealous person but I envy anyone with the means to pick up and go anywhere at anytime.
  • I'm currently drinking a Yuengling.
  • When I was a toddler, I got lost inside the mall. After a couple hours, security finally found me hiding under a clothing rack on the other side of the mall. My parents always kept a close eye on my sister and me. My mom said her back must have been turned away for just a second. Even scarier for her, the previous night, someone called our house and threatened to kill my sister and me. My parents had no enemies and are good people so it was totally bizarre. She maintains that someone must have taken me but I got away. I wasn't even a good walker at that point.
  • Catfished: Back in the days of MySpace I was alerted on a couple occasions that there were profiles with my pictures on it. Creepy! I sent both accounts messages and one of the crazies refused to delete their profile saying that I stole their pictures. What?!
  • I'm left-handed but I was basically forced to learn to use a computer mouse with my right hand. I use my right hand for a lot of things, actually. I remember my computer teacher in grade school thought there was something wrong with my motor skills before she realized I wasn't right-handed.
  • Girl Crushes: Miranda Kerr, Kate Middleton, Amber Heard
  • As much as I love my yinzer/Pittsburgh dialect, I'd love to have an Australian accent.
  • My cell phone number starts with 600
  • I love metaphysical studies- anything paranormal, ghosts, aliens, afterlife theories, conspiracies, Astrology, Tarot, psychics, spirituality in general.
  • I've seen this promo commercial for News Readers so many times this month but it still makes me laugh! I've never even seen the show but this cracks me up!  

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