Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Julep It Girl Box: Trina Turk September 2012

Every month, I receive the Julep It Girl Box in the mail. The package includes three surprise nail polishes and a small extra gift. It's always a nice little treat. I absolutely love getting anything in the mail- pen pal letters, magazines, catalogs, beauty items. It's one of my favorite things.

For September, Julep collaborated with designer Trina Turk and put together a great box! Look how adorably it came wrapped...

The colors in this month's box were Delaunay (don't ask me how to properly pronounce this), a beautiful creme red that reminds me of a cherry popsicle, Alma, a fun and beautiful shade that is the exact color of mustard and Otte (not sure on the right way to say this one either), a great neutral, tannish-taupe that reminded me of OPI San Tan-tonio. I'll have to do a swatch comparison soon because this might be a close dupe. When I first saw Otte, my heart sank a bit because the color I currently have on (OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, pictured above) looked just like it. But I think Otte is darker. I'll do an update post soon!

But the thing that probably excited me most of all was the extra gift in this month's box!

This magnet made me way too happy! I LOVE IT! The girl in the art piece reminds me of myself after I've had one too many. It made me laugh. As a redhead, I appreciate whenever I see anything with ginger representation but this particular drawing felt like it was made for me! I'm going to keep it forever.

*UPDATE: The artist's name is Blair Breitenstein. The name she goes by (written on the sketch) is Blonde Lasagna. Here is a post I did on her work. You can purchase her work here!

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