Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Style File

Name: Krista Selene Roman

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Current project: Writing my first book!

My style in a word: Sophisticated

My first serious splurge: My shih-tzu, Ireland or my Vintage Chanel bag

A trend I wish I never tried: Denim overalls circa the early '90s

A trend I hope never ends: Leggings

The best style advice I ever got: Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits... dress to compliment your figure! Don't worry about the size or designer name on the label. Focus on what you like and what works for you. Just because something is expensive doesn't make it nice. Always check to see where it's made and what materials are used.

One beauty product I can't live without: I'm sure I could live without all of them. I could always substitute one thing for another. I do love MAC eyeshadow (Satin Taupe, Mulch, All That Glitters are just a few favorites) and of course moisturizer.

Beauty tip my mother taught me: Men don't like a full face of makeup. Less is more.

The most glamorous moment of my life: Has yet to occur (hopefully). As of this moment, I'd go with... nope, can't think of a thing.

My favorite chain store: Forever 21

My favorite style blog: Atlantic-Pacific, WhoWhatWear or The Sartorialist

Whose closet I'd most like to raid: Olivia Palermo or Kourtney Kardashian

What would someone learn about you from seeing inside your closet: My favorite article of clothing is blouses and I love leather handbags!

I wish I had the nerve to wear: High heels more often. I usually stick with boots in the fall/winter or sandals in the spring/summer. This is mostly due to the fact that I don't really have anywhere fancy to go. Later in life, my feet will probably appreciate this.

I feel beautiful when: I'm laughing... although I'm quite sure that watery eyes and a flushed face aren't exactly my best looks.

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