Friday, November 23, 2018

The Christmas Decor Tag!

I started collecting Nutcrackers last year. I have two of these beauties which were my first and still are my favorite. 

Some of the ladies I follow on YouTube were doing this tag, so I thought I'd join in on the festivities. One of these days I will get around to going full-speed with my own YouTube channel but until then, I'll settle for right here on my blog.

1. When do you start decorating for Christmas?

After Thanksgiving. Black Friday weekend. But I keep an eye out for pieces all year long.

2. What style do you decorate your home for the holidays?

I'm very traditional when it comes to holiday decor. I will throw in a trend here or there but I prefer classic color schemes and themes. I enjoy vintage items mixed with newer finds that will still hold its charm for decades to come.

3. Favorite family Christmas tradition?

We always had a big party on Christmas Eve when I was growing up. Friends, family, and lots of laughter that always went very late.

4. Favorite place to buy Christmas decor?

Thrift shops/estate sales. I love the thrill of the hunt and finding high-quality pieces for pennies on the dollar. We have a lot of elderly people in Pittsburgh, so the secondary market is full of wonderful vintage and antique selections. As for traditional places, MacKenzie-Childs is my favorite brand to invest into collecting and I always have fun at Home Goods.

5. Favorite Christmas movie?

A Christmas Story and The Family Stone are my absolute favorites but every year I also have to watch Home Alone (love the soundtrack), Christmas Vacation and The Year Without a Santa Claus.

6. Egg Nog, Hot Coco or Apple Cider?

None of the above! I don't like warm beverages. If the cider was chilled, I might give it a try.

7. Do you leave chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies for Santa?

Whatever I have on hand.

8. Artificial tree or real tree?

Artificial for several reasons (mainly I like to leave it up for a couple months) but I'm starting to love the imperfection of a real tree.

9. Favorite holiday dessert to make?


10. Favorite type of Christmas cookie?

Gingerbread Men

11. Do you/family open any presents on Christmas Eve?

When we were growing up, we usually were given one from our parents and our extended family also exchanged gifts.

12. Do you decorate your tree yourself?

I have more than one. Yes.

13. Where do you spend Christmas Day?

For many years it was my Aunt Dolly's beautiful house but it varies.

14. Favorite Christmas smell?

A crackling fire.

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