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Hearth & Hand with Magnolia: Top Selections from Chip and Joanna Gaines' New Collection for Target

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target Picks Fall 2017 Launch

I'm late to the Fixer Upper craze. I don't watch very much HGTV, so it wasn't until very recently that I started to binge the show. I kept hearing the name Joanna Gaines all over sites like Pinterest and among my friends who are into home decor. I finally figured out what all the buzz was about and now, I get it. My mind is a bit blown by the fact that it took me so long to jump on this bandwagon. I've always been thrifty and appreciated the art of turning something old and unwanted into something new to be cherished. A lifelong thrifter (I inherited the genes from my parents), over the years I have developed a keen eye for quality craftsmanship. You couldn't pay me to live in a McMansion. While my style isn't a mirror image to Chip and Joanna's preferred, modern farmhouse aesthetic (I'm much more of a traditional eclectic), I can definitely appreciate a ton of what this design power couple has to offer.

Enter their newest collection with retail giant, Target. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia is everything you'd expect from Chip and Joanna Gaines: simplistic pottery, preppy plaids and galvanization galore. It's the quintessential array of products that will easily add a dash of down-home charm to your place. Best of all? The products are all very well-made and affordable. For fans of Fixer Upper and the Magnolia brand made famous by Chip and Joanna Gaines, this new collection for Target is sure to impress. Launch date is set for November 5th. While this is a permanent range, these items are sure to sell-out fast and you never know if or how quickly items will be restocked. Here are a few of the items from the collection that I thought stood out to me the most:

Galvanized Container 25 oz Candle 

While I absolutely adore the ambiance that only a candle can provide, when it comes to a jar of wax, I have a difficult time spending more than about $10. One way that I justify spending money on candles is knowing that I can repurpose the container. I have used the jars for holding everything from straws on a bar cart to pens on a desk or makeup brushes on a vanity. If the packaging is cute, the price of the candle is suddenly okay in my book. This galvanized container would be adorable for holiday crafting!

Galvanized Charger with Gold Welding

I love a good charger. I adore anything with a gold accent. These would be spectacular for Christmas dinner. I'm picturing a warm and cozy cabin in the mountains. The fireplace is crackling and the conversation around the table is engaging. I don't have a country house to display these beauties but it's fun to pretend, right?

Stoneware Pitcher

For some reason, black stoneware isn't easily found. This pitcher really sparked my fancy because not only is it black but it's the perfect shade and finish of black (yep, I'm crazy). I also like the contrasting trim on the bottom of the vessel.

Galvanized House Lanterns

Lanterns are definitely in my wheelhouse. I have been a fan for years. These adorable galvanized "houses" would be stunning indoors or on a patio. I envision these filled with candles, Christmas garland, twinkle lights, ornaments...the options are endless.

X-Patterned Glassware Goblet

I get my love of glassware from my Mom who has collected Depression glass since I was a little girl. I have amassed my own collection of beautiful drinkware. This particular design isn't exquisitely crafted like true antiques but the shade of green is dynamite for Christmas or even a St. Patrick's Day tablescape.

Moravian Star Tree Topper

I will forever be grateful to this collection for reminding me of the name of this design! I have been a fan of the MORAVIAN Star (use it in a sentence today!) for many years. Anytime I see an episode of Friends, I find myself lusting after the light fixture in the hallway of Monica's apartment. I have seen similar styles but never remember what to call the actual design. This galvanized Christmas tree topper would pair wonderfully with so many other items in the Hearth & Hand holiday collection. So rustic. So chic.

Stoneware Serving Platter and Plates

This is hands down, my favorite piece in the entire collection! I will absolutely be adding these plates to my shopping cart. Rae Dunn vibes for sure (not exactly cool to blatantly rip off another designer) but these beauties are everything.

Lidded Jar Container 8 oz Candle

Here we have another product that feels familiar. The poor man's Le Labo candle? Don't mind if I do.

Women's Pajama Union Suit Green Plaid

I love green and blue plaids. It takes me back to my optimistic childhood when as a young Irish girl, I thought that someday I'd go to Notre Dame (for the record, I never applied). My Mom always dressed me in these colors to complement my red hair and green eyes. Not only is this pajama absolutely adorable and festive, but it also comes in sizes for everyone in the family.

Round Acacia Wood Cutting Board

There's nothing particularly unique about this design but everyone needs a good wood cutting board. They make excellent hostess gifts (put a bow on it and pair it with some wine and cheese). I also like to use mine for serving appetizers, as a cheese board, or for layering home decor vignettes.

Round Wood and Wire Tray

I have a mild-severe obsession with trays (and boxes while we're on the subject). I adore using them for any and all purposes: displaying perfume, booze, seasonal accents, makeup, bath and body products, candles...the list goes on and on. I am not a minimalist. I have a lot of stuff that I've hoarded collected over the years. Trays are a stylish way to wrangle all of my found objects into a "safe space" in my home. Anything that can diminish being overwhelmed and help you stay organized is always good to have around.

Happy Shopping!

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