Monday, February 23, 2015

29 Things About Me: Random

1. Loves a thunderstorm and listening to the rain
2. Have usually had a shih-tzu in my life (3 since birth)
3. Stray cats always find me, follow me home, etc.
4. Predicted specific things that have come true
5. Reads conspiracy boards and watches their documentaries
6. Goes to concerts or movies alone if no one will come with me
7. Was a cheerleader for about 10 years
8. Average bed time- 4am
9. Scared of bees
10. Team won the Super Bowl on my birthday (Steelers 2/1/09)
11. First kiss was in pre-school
12. Usually had a boyfriend until college
13. Won a dance contest by beating a male breakdancer
14. Dark sense of humor, laughs at most things
15. Aspired to be a fashion magazine editor as a child
16. A dream job is to name cosmetics
17. Wants to write screenplays
18. Would rather have children later in life
19. Went to a small Catholic school from K-12
20. Went to WVU for college- majored in broadcast news
21. Loves aviator style sunglasses
22. Listens to Coast to Coast AM radio
23. Enjoys trivia at pubs
24. Favorite candy is red flavored tootsie rolls
25. Usually cold, low body temperature
26. Favorite season is Fall
27. Candles make any room better
28. Comes up with tons of ideas, bad with following through
29. Guy crazy- love to look at men

Now Playing: "Fresh Blood" by Eels
*Heard this on HBO's The Jinx (fantastic program)


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