Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luxe Living: Lisa Vanderpump's New Closet!

Step aside, Jay Gatsby. Lisa Vanderpump's new closet gives the literary fashion plate a run for his money- especially in the silk shirt department.

The photographs above are screenshots from the tour Lisa gave to Because the blog post I did on Lisa's previous home and closet remains one of my most-viewed, it only made sense to do an update. In fact, the screenshots I captured for the first post ended up all over tumblr and Pinterest. That's part of the reason why I take the time to use my blog. I love knowing that something I put energy into sharing (be it anything at all) has inspired someone else. That's something I admire about my generation. Through the internet, we're constantly sharing knowledge, inspiration, opinions, ideas... Being open and willing to help someone else expand their insight, especially a total stranger that they'll never get acknowledgment from, is extraordinary. It's this type of progressive behavior that makes me hopeful.

I'm the type of person who is happy for others that have found success. It's inspiring to see people doing well. I don't have a jealous bone in my body. While closets like this are often deemed as excessive (especially with so many people struggling with so little), I choose to be optimistic. I'm happy that someone has it easy and enjoys their belongings. Lisa Vanderpump works hard for what she has and seems to be a very charitable person. On top of that, she comes across as unpretentious. She likes nice things but it doesn't define who she is.

My Luxe Living blog posts are about appreciating beauty and inspiring creativity. Its intention does not stem from pure materialism or lust for objects. I hope it comes across in a positive manner. While I love pink, I don't necessarily share Lisa's style. However, it's still motivating to see all of the organization in her closet.

Lisa has such a good sense of humor and an adorable dog in Giggy. If I could be friends with any of the housewives from any of the franchises, Lisa and her pal Brandi would definitely be among my first choices. They share the same naughty sense of humor as me and love for all things feminine and pretty.

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