Friday, February 24, 2012

Fill In the Blank Friday: The Hipster Questionnaire

1. Do you own a Mac?
No, hp.

2. Do you regularly drink PBR?

3. Do you regularly wear scarves even when it’s not cold?
Only when it's chilly or cold.

4. Do you have an iPhone?
No but I plan to finally make the switch from BlackBerry this year.

5. Do you wear Ray-Bans?
I have aviator and wayfarer style shades but not actual Ray-Bans. I don't want to spend $100+ for sunglasses because I have bad luck with them getting stolen, broken or lost.

6. Do you own more than three plaid shirts?
I know I have at least 4 but it's been a couple years since I wore one.

7. Do you own a pair of Tom’s?
No. Not my style at all.

8. Do you wear Converse All-Stars with skinny jeans?
No. I don't own Converse and I would never wear skinny jeans with tennis shoes.

9. Do you wear any denim clothing other than jeans?
I have a cute denim button-up shirt that I got a couple seasons ago.

10. Do you own any ironic T-shirts? For example: “Draft Beer, Not People.”
Maybe a few sleep shirts but nothing I would wear out.

11. When you talk about music, do other people have no fucking clue what you’re talking about?
Sometimes. Example: My favorite band is Portugal. The Man but the only person I actually know of who also listens to them is a girl I met at one of their shows.

12. Do you have glasses that look like Buddy Holly?
No but I am legally blind.

13. Do you brew your own beer/other form of alcohol?
No, I'll leave that to the pros.

14. Do you own a cat with an unconventional name?
I have two cats but their names are pretty standard- Sasha after President Obama's daughter (we found her on election night) and Katarina. When I was little, our cat was named Lemieux.

15. Are you against marriage, period?
No but it's not in my near future. I'm only 26!

16. Do you have three or more tattoos?
I don't have any and don't want one.

17. If you are a man, do you have a moustache?
N/A but I do like facial hair on some guys.

18. Are you politically liberal?

19. Are you a coffee snob?
I don't drink coffee- yuck!

20. Do you drink soy milk despite not being lactose intolerant?
I must be lactose intolerant because milk makes me gag. Don't drink any of it.

21. Do you frequently bike places?
Not since '94 and if by places you mean down the street to catch the Ice Cream truck.

22. Do you listen to public radio?

23. Do you eat quinoa or have a membership with a CSA?
I have no clue what either of those things are.

24. Have you ever brought a child to a bar?
No but I think the drinking age should be lowered.

25. Do you still have a Member’s Only jacket in your closet?
Never had one to begin with.

26. Do you live in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Park Slope, Crown Heights, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, or Bed-Stuy?
I live in Pittsburgh- North Side.

27. Ladies: do you buy things on Etsy?
No but I would. I have considered making wall decor signs and selling them on there but I'm afraid it's illegal to sell lyrics and quotes that are copyrighted.

28. Do you shop at thrift stores?
Yes, always have. My parents pretty much only shop there... got it from them.

29. Do you smoke?
No! Yuck! My parents are big smokers and it always disgusted me.

30. Are you vegan/vegetarian?
Practically a vegetarian. I'll occasionally eat something like a chicken tender or pepperoni but the thought of 99% of it makes me sick. I've always been this way. I personally don't like the idea of killing animals for food but I would still prepare it for family and friends if they loved it. This makes no logical sense, I know.

31. Do you like the movies Donnie Darko, Juno, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Royal Tenenbaums?
Yes, they're good flicks.

32. Do you wear skinny jeans?

31. Are you creative/artistic?
Yes or at least I hope so.

32. Have you read The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
Yes, it's set in my city. I love the way Chbosky describes driving through the Fort Pitt tunnels... beautifully written and completely accurate. But that kid cried way too much for a teen boy.

33. Were you a geek/dork/nerd/emo/goth/weirdo when you were younger?
Maybe a little bit of a weirdo from time to time but no on the others.

34. Do you use words like rad to describe something?
No. I feel like gnarly and rad are west coast terms.

35. Do you wear band t-shirts?

36. Do you own vinyl records?
Yes but not exclusively- mostly oldies and some of my favorite new stuff.

37. Do you do drugs?

38. Do you like sports?
Yes! Football and hockey are my favorite but I also get into March Madness. I love miniature golf which totally counts as well.

39. Do you like expensive cars?
Yes. I love cars and the nicest ones (sports cars, classic cars, etc.) tend to be expensive.

40. Are you lanky?
Not at all. 5'4" with the bod of a woman.

41. Do you enjoy indie music, art and/or fashion?
All of the above.

42. Do you tend to be ahead of the pack on trends?
Usually. That's the Aquarian in me.

43. Do you have a unique name?
I'm pretty sure I'm the only "Krista Selene Roman" in the entire world (Google it). Krista isn't extremely common but it's not unusual either.

44. Have you ever been to a music festival?
Yes- Bonnaroo. I'm considering Lollapalooza this year. I wish there was one outside of Pittsburgh in the mountains near Somerset or even a smaller one at The Point downtown. That would be unbelievable.

45. Do you like birds?

46. Are you sarcastic and/or enjoy irony?
Very, yes.

47. Do you have a blog or tumblr?
Obviously both. I don't necessarily consider tumblr to be a blog. It's my virtual picture book.

48. Do you have any friends or ex-lovers who are hipsters?
I have a few acquaintances that are but no true friends. My best friend, Valerie, is the same as me. We're about 15%-20% hipster.

49. Do you read Pitchfork?
Sometimes to see what's new but my taste is a bit different. I think they can be pretentious pricks in their reviews. It's a turnoff.

50. Do you like furniture from Ikea?
Nope! I like the look of quality antique or vintage furniture- real wood, made the right way.

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