Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day Jokes

Here's a brief rundown on some of the April Fool's Day jokes I performed today:

I set the clock on our stove to an hour behind. My Mom just thought the power went out. Winning.

I tweeted that I was listening to my favorite song of the year and supplied a link. What was the song you ask? It's FRIDAY...

I changed my facebook profile picture to a blue question mark (a la the original days of facebook when some profiles had a generic image for people who didn't supply a photo).

I changed my facebook job title to software engineer at Google. That's believable.

I told my Mom that Nancy Grace was retiring to spend more time with her twins (she never misses a show). She told me to be quiet because Nancy was talking.

I left my sister a voicemail saying that a guy she dated a long time ago called our house wanting to rekindle their flame. He was a total weirdo. She never called me back.

I sent my cousin an email telling her that I met a dreamy guy who would be perfect for her. She's a realtor, so I added that he was looking to purchase an expensive home and needed to hire an agent. She knew I was lying.

I called my friend and told her that I saw my ex-boyfriend with a trashy girl that was pregnant. Haven't heard back from her.

I posted on facebook the fact about the NCAA brackets on ESPN only having 2 successful entries. I said that I was one of the people who submitted a winning bracket. I don't think anyone "liked" that.

All in all, it was an unsuccessful April Fool's Day. I hate to use the word "fail" but in this case, it's necessary. But on the bright side, I wasn't tricked either. I read on facebook that my alma mater is changing its name- I thought this was a prank but it's actually true. I heard on KDKA radio that North Catholic will be called Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic when it moves its location to the Cranberry area :( What a joke!

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