Monday, March 14, 2011

What The Bachelor Taught Me

I was surprised as I watched the season finale of The Bachelor. I didn't watch the first time Brad was on the show, so I was able to go into this season with a fresh perspective. Everyone loved Emily from the get go- how could you not? She's eloquent, beautiful and such a sweetheart. She's even from West Virginia. So, as a WVU alum, I was definitely a fan. But I wasn't a fan of Emily and Brad as a couple. He always seemed so unsure and tense around her. I feel like Emily could do so much better for herself. Brad is just, er... different. Chantal and Brad had so much more chemistry! My mouth literally dropped when I saw that Chantal was the first out of the limo.

But on to the things I learned:

Brad's twin brother, Chad, is hot. Brad & Chad, yep. Why do people name their twins things that rhyme or are aliterative in some way? It makes it seem like the parents didn't know they were having two kids and when the babies were born it was an afterthought. "I had my heart set on naming the kid Brad... hmmm, how about Chad for the other one?" "I want to name my baby Melinda. Oh, yeah. What about the other one? I know! Melanie!" It's a little ridiculous.

Looks are always more important than personality. Most people will lie and say this isn't the case but after watching numerous seasons of reality television, I must speak otherwise. Emily is a sweetheart and has a great personality but if she looked like the bartender from Boston, she wouldn't have made it to the final rose. I hate to say it but I think Brad was in love with her looks and not their connection. I know that editing plays a major role in reality TV but I can't recall any episodes where a true connection came through between Emily and Brad. But when Chantal and Brad were on screen, their attraction towards each other was so evident. That's not to say that Brad didn't appreciate things about Emily's personality but the truth is obvious. A man who falls for a girl based on her looks- now there's a controversial statement.

The Bachelor is one of the cheesiest shows on television but I keep watching. Where do they find grown men to sit and talk about their feelings and cry on cue? How many bottles of wine and helicopter rides does it take before new ideas are brought to the table for the direction the show needs to take?

Being single is okay. I've been single for a long time. I feel bad for the women in their early 20s who are on The Bachelor acting as if their life is over if they don't have a man. My number one goal in life is to get married and have a family as well but I'm not hard up for it at 25.

Out of 15 seasons of The Bachelor and 6 seasons of The Bachelorette, I think only two or three relationships actually worked out. But it's somehow still on-air.

Lastly, the poet laureate of Austin, Texas, AKA Bachelor Brad, taught me this mesmerizing quote:
"We're losing the sun but we're gaining the moon."

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